Transfer of a critically ill child on Flight to the United States.

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Transfer of a critically ill child on Flight to the United States.

Medevac transfer of a child with heart disease from Dubai to the United States

Transfer of a critically ill child on Commercial flight to the USA

A child is one of the best gifts given to anyone by God. There can be nothing more painful than seeing your child in pain. Unfortunately, this is what happened with us when we went on a wonderful vacation to Dubai. It was a pleasant day and the weather was really nice and we were taking sunbath near the beach when I noticed that my son was feeling restless and dizzy, which made me very concerned and I checked and saw that he had a fever. We immediately took him to a local doctor and he assured us that he will be fine and gave medicine.

We went back to the hotel and gave him medicine and then he slept. Not after very long, we heard his horrible cry and we got really scared and ran towards him. We saw that he became unresponsive and was not breathing properly. We took him in our hands and saw that his skin has turned grey and we without any wait ran to the hospital. 

Initially, the doctors were not able to diagnose the issue and then they advised us to get a few tests done. It took a couple of hours in completing all the checkups required but then after all the reports came. Doctors said he has developed one additional vein starting from his liver to the heart which could create acute heart issues. There could not be any news worse than this we could imagine ever in our life. The doctor advised us to get his surgery done as it was not a small matter and it needed immense care. It was then, that we planned to go back to our own country for the proper treatment as it could take a lot of days. But our major concern was how, as he was not in a condition to travel and doctors said that it is not feasible for him to travel on a flight because he might need extra care and comfort.

It was then we consulted many people there and at the airport, they told us about the HI Flying - Air Ambulance services. Initially, we were very worried about how things would work as he was too small to face all this problem. But air ambulance helped us a lot as they picked us from the hotel and carefully took him to the airport. Not only this, their staff was trained really well and they made us calm. They are the small baby equipment to take of her and made us feel secure. They knew all the airport formalities and the transfer was done very smoothly and safely.

This was one of the most difficult journeys of our life. The flight was for 14 hours but because of the air ambulance services, it was really easy for us, as they had all the experience that was needed for him. Not only this, but they also arranged for the drop facility when we reached back home in the United States. They also arranged the bed for the baby at one of the best hospitals in the country.

When we reached back to our country we had the ambulance waiting for us, as we wanted to go directly to the hospital as quick treatment was required. 

The open heart surgery was done and it took 6 hrs to complete the surgery. Well, his recovery was really slow but now he is absolutely fine. When I think about this instance, I really thank air ambulance services as without their help, it would have been impossible for us to travel and provide him with quick treatment.

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