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Spine Injury in Nairobi Kenya Africa


A story of a spine injury patient evacuated from Kenya Nairobi to the Washington United States.

Life is a roller coaster. I got to know this when I went to Masai Mara in Kenya. I planned my trip from the U.S.A to Kenya for 1 week with my wife. I was very excited as it was the much-awaited trip as for 1 year we had not traveled together. We reached the airport on time at 2.00 p.m as our flight was at 4.30 p.m in the evening. We reached our destination the next day and loved the weather as it was very pleasant and the sun was shining brightly. 

Who thought that the 4 days of our trip would turn into a nightmare for both of us. We were visiting the best places there and I wanted to eat ice cream from the parlour we had heard a lot about by the natives. So, I was crossing the road to grab a scoop and suddenly a truck hit my body as the driver was not able to see me or maybe was not careful enough. The wheels of the vehicle bumped my left side of my body sending me rolling on the road and I landed in a roadside ditch. I was injured all over especially my lower back. I fell unconscious. On seeing this, my wife started screaming and was not able to control herself. I was also not able to figure out what to do and then everything just went dark and when I opened my eyes, I was in the hospital.

The doctors told my wife that I had acute spinal injuries and 4 limbs got paralyzed. We went in trauma after listening to this and I asked the doctor what next? The doctor explained that spinal cord gash is the outcome of direct damage to the nerves or from injury to the bones and soft tissues and vessels nearby the spinal cord. He said that spinal cord damage has resulted in a loss of function, like mobility and feeling. 

In some people who suffer from spinal cord injury, the spinal cord is not fully severed but either injured or torn. Spinal cord injury is not similar to a back injury, which might result from pinched nerves or ruptured disks. I asked the doctor what kind of a spinal injury it was? He said that there are 2 types of spinal injuries complete and incomplete. Complete is when a person loses the ability to feel and freely move below the level of the injury and incomplete is when there is some kind of function below the level of the injury. But mine was incomplete spinal cord injury.

But as my limbs were also paralyzed, it was very difficult for me to travel back to the USA. The doctor said that he could also give the treatment but it could take months so I wanted to come back to my country so that I could take a proper treatment there. But the question was how? The doctors advised that with the help of air ambulance it was possible for me to get back to my home without any hassle.

My wife called the air ambulance and spoke to them about the services that they provide. The very next day we planned to fly back to our home country as I wanted to get medicated as soon as possible. The air ambulance sent their specialized ambulance with all the amenities and equipment required for a spinal cord injured patient and me and my wife was very relaxed after looking at the kind of set up they had.

We reached the airport and there they allowed my wife to come along with me in the air ambulance as I really wanted her to be with me. They had experienced doctors and staff members for any emergency and constant check so that the condition does not become adverse. We reached U.S.A safely and they had their local ambulance as well waiting for us, which took us to the hospital. 

There I got proper treatment and today I am very well; all thanks to the air ambulance services, as without their help I would not have been able to reach here safely. Their dedication to saving lives is incredible!

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