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Russia Worldcup and Brain Tumor -Back to Singapore


Russia Worldcup and Brain Tumor

Many British and European football fans, initially, dismissed the idea of traveling to Russia for the World Cup for fear it would be dangerous, expensive and even potentially life-threatening following the Salisbury attack. So much for cold-war paranoia. When we got over the fear and traveled with my friend, I was bowled over by the grandeur of Moscow. It is as impressive as Paris, maybe more so, but with history and architecture, unlike any other European city.

However, the euphoria and happiness were short-lived.
On arrival at the games, she had nausea and vomiting. Complained of blurred vision - we thought maybe jet lag. Change in food was attributed to nausea and vomiting.

When we went to the nearby clinic, they referred us to the Tertiary care center for they suspected something serious.

On reaching a Big Hospital, they did an MRI scan and lo and behold - she had a brain tumor. It was just shocking. By then, my friend clinical status had deteriorated and she needed IV fluids and other medications.

She is like a real Sister to me. The mental agony from euphoria to depression and it was one of my most difficult times.

We searched online and the hospital in Moscow recommended HI Flying - Air Ambulance. We contacted them and managed to book a Medical escort.

They immediately dispatched a Female Doctor to be by our side in one daytime and we flew back to Singapore - the next day.

Admitted in Mount Elizabeth Hospital, my friend has undergone two sessions of chemotherapy and she is recovering slowly.
Thankfully, she does not need surgery.

Our good wishes for the Doctor who was supportive and caring during our travel from Moscow Russia to our home in Singapore.

I would recommend their service for any Medical emergency.


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