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Medical Flight from Leh Ladakh to New Delhi India


How I was rescued from a remote hilly location in Leh Ladakh in India

A day in the lush green valley surrounded by mountains is always adorable. I was living my life to the fullest until my foot slipped and I fell 10 feet down from a sloppy peak. I and a group of my friends went climbing a hill that was miles away from the hassles of the main city.

We were geared up with all the essentials that are used for hill climbing, but unknowingly I stepped on the wet stones and heard of some sort of crack. When I woke up from the unconsciousness, I knew that something has broken.

This statement of mine turned to reality when I tried to get up and I couldn’t. My ankle was severely damaged, and a joint was misplaced that lead to immense pain. My group gave me a helping hand and encouraged me to stand, but the amount of pain I was suffering from was unbearable. I have never felt so immobile and restless. Every single try to get up resulted in enormous pain, that finally de-motivated me and I stopped trying.
The medical kits we were carrying were only capable of healing wounds and cuts that are on the outer skin, but unfortunately, the injury I was suffering from wasn’t curable with all what we have. Our camps were located 3 kilometers away from the climbing site, and there was no stretcher or cart for carrying me to the camping location. Luckily one of my mates had a satellite communication device, which was meant for emergencies like this.

They contacted the HI Flying - Call Center in India.

Suddenly I heard someone saying that help is on its way! This made me calm and confronted me for a while that yes someone is coming and everything will be fine. But the thought that we were not connected to the road was continuously exhausting me as the nearest hospital was 10 miles away and there was no way for an ambulance to reach us.

The medical air ambulance service responded on the go and one of the doctors was in touch with us to know the type of injury I was suffering and disclosed a list of precautions we need to follow. After listening to the precautions carefully, every step was performed and the broken ankle was kept on a bag in a resting position.
The Medical team arrived at the spot after about 2 hours.
They immobilized my limb and made arrangements to carry me with my friends to the nearest clinic in the City. They administered painkillers which kept me comfortable till we reached the small hospital.

The doctors at the hospital which came up for inspection told me that my ankle is snapped and rotated 180 degrees, which lead to a limb-threatening injury. 

The following day, an Air Ambulance was arranged for me to be flown on a stretcher in King Air Flight from Leh Ladakh to New Delhi India.

After injecting a dose of painkiller, they loaded me on the stretcher and took me to the flight.  I was tied with stretcher belts, and my foot was cushioned, so the amount of pain was less.

Leh is located at high altitude and we understood that very few pilots can land an Air Ambulance flight to Leh Airport.
The Pilot was caring and very professional.

On arrival at New Delhi - I was admitted to the emergency room. The overall surgery process took more than two days, and I was prescribed a bed rest for 2-months in order to recover completely.
“I seriously can’t imagine what would have done to me without the prompt services of HI Flying - Air Ambulance International that day.”

I started hill climbing again this year with the assurance that someone is ready to help us, no matter what!

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