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Acute Renal Failure in Bangkok


Acute Renal Failure in Bangkok Thailand - Father brought home to the United States

Seeing Asia on two wheels is an attractive idea but scary in its crazily teeming cities. My adventurous Parents stayed at the Old Capital Bike Inn, with its fleet of well-maintained vintage bikes. The new owner has restyled this boutique hotel in the historic quarter on a cycling theme and runs complimentary night rides. Pedaling the stately machines, my parents took in the Grand Palace, a street of shops selling Buddha statues, and a park where locals were playing sepak takraw (kick volleyball). They then felt brave enough the next day to borrow a bike and explore the klongs (canals) and Chao Phraya riverside.

All was well for two days when suddenly my father experienced: Decreased urine output with fluid retention, causing swelling in his legs, ankles or feet. Initially, he thought it was as a result of biking, but then he had shortness of breath. Fatigue. Confusion. Nausea. Weakness. Irregular heartbeat.

He got himself checked on an OPD basis at Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok, and they admitted on suspicion of Acute Renal Failure.

What I understand of Renal Failure is Your kidneys slowly stop working the right way. That makes waste fluids build up in your body, which can damage nerves (uremic neuropathy), including in your feet, and cause a burning feeling.

Worried about him in a foreign land, I searched the internet to find this Medevac company - HI Flying - Air Ambulance International.

They have a USA tel no, and I contacted them. They were prompt and outlined a plan of transfer for my Dad. 
All done in one hour. 
We confirmed the transfer by way of payment by credit card.

They send a Medical team to the hospital for assessment. They helped me clear the medical bills and complete the discharge formalities.
All payments were made in the United States, and I felt safe and secure.

My Dad was flown in a Commercial airlines - Emirates flight to New York and ground transported to the nearest hospital to my home - a complete bed to bed services.

Very efficient and affordable services, I admit - our family remembers their team.

For more information - Contact us at email - admin@hiflyingllc.com


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