Hi Flying - Air Ambulance International provides an economical alternative to chartered air ambulance transport services through medical escort service. Medical escort service is available on a variety of flight classifications. Patients can choose from medical escort service when traveling in Business Class, First Class, and Stretcher Class on any commercial airline.

When a patient is cleared by a doctor to fly on a commercial flight, but requires medical equipment and professional care, simply booking a flight on a commercial carrier is not an option. Instead, medical escort service allows the patient to travel on a commercial airline while still maintaining access to life-saving medical equipment and medication. They will also have a medical professional along to care for them and administer any necessary treatments or medications.

When an emergency transport such as an air ambulance is not necessary, patients need a more cost-effective, yet safe option for travel. This service is reserved for patients who are medically stable and unlikely to require emergency medical care while traveling. Medical escort service on commercial airlines is ideal for relocating elderly or ill patients from one state, region, or country to another. While in flight, the patient will still have access to essential medical equipment and medications, including oxygen and basic medical monitoring. When booking a Stretcher Class flight, patients will be safely and comfortably transported on aeromedical stretchers.

In addition to essential medical equipment and medications, patients will also travel with an experienced medical professional or team. Depending on the individual patient and their clinical condition, their escort team may include a doctor and a nurse, a nurse and a paramedic, or a doctor, nurse, paramedic, and RT team. Each member of our experienced medical team has ICU or CCU experience, as well as advanced experience as a medical escort.

Hi Flying - Air Ambulance International medical escort service is comprehensive. Patients and their loved one or caregiver will receive assistance during every step of the process of booking and planning travel with a medical escort. Before any planning begins, our professionals obtain a full medical report for each patient to ensure they are fully aware of their specific care needs. Our experienced staff will assist you in booking your commercial flight, ground transportation, and any additional accommodations. They ensure that the patient will have the proper medical equipment and medications, as well as priority boarding and an appropriate seating assignment. Our staff and medical professionals also handle obtaining all necessary airport permissions, medical clearances, clearances for medical equipment, and customs and immigration clearances. 

Our medical escort service is a bed-to-bed service, meaning that a medical professional will be there with the patient throughout every leg of their journey. Multilingual, visa-ready medical escorts are available to guide patients on flights not just within the United States, but to destinations around the world. 

Planning long-distance travel for ill or elderly patients can be stressful. Hi Flying - Air Ambulance International takes the stress of planning and coordinating travel away from loved ones and caregivers. For the right patient, medical escort service on commercial airlines is a safe and cost effective way to travel or relocate. Hi Flying - Air Ambulance International also offers a variety of other medical air transportation services, including air ambulance transport, aeromedical travel, commercial stretcher coordination, and critical care air transport.

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