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Hi Flying - Air Ambulance International provides commercial stretcher service for patients that require a stretcher for travel but who do not need emergency transportation through an air ambulance service. Commercial stretcher service allows patients to fly on commercial airlines while still being able to remain on their stretcher throughout their travels.

Stretcher service is not available on all commercial airlines. However, many major airlines provide the option for stretcher service on some of their flights. In order to accommodate a medical stretcher, these airlines retrofit the traditional seating arrangement to allow a stretcher in and to allow for it to be secured during flight.

Commercial stretcher service is ideal in a variety of situations. Patients who suffer a medical emergency while traveling may choose to go home before they have had a chance to fully recover. Or a patient receiving long-term care may need to be transferred to a new medical facility. However, the patient may still require oxygen or a ventilator during travel. If they suffered a heart attack stroke, or a spine injury, they may also be unable to sit in a traditional airline seat for the length of the flight, or even be able to get on and off of the aircraft.

Hi Flying - Air Ambulance International arranges every detail of commercial stretcher service. Our experienced medical professionals start by obtaining a full medical report on the patient. This report allows them to plan and coordinate proper care for the patient. Then, they search for and book a commercial stretcher service on an available airline and coordinate with that airline on all aspects of that flight. Our team arranges all necessary medical equipment, including a safe and comfortable aeromedical stretcher, oxygen, life-saving medical equipment, necessary and emergency medications, and any other equipment.

Our commercial stretcher service is a bed-to-bed service. An experienced medical team will be with you from the time you leave the hospital, medical center, or your home until the time you arrive at your destination and your new medical care professionals take over. Depending on the condition of the patient and their care needs, the medical team may include a doctor and a nurse, a nurse and a paramedic, or a doctor, nurse, paramedic, and RT team.

In addition to booking the flight and arranging a stretcher and other necessary medical equipment, our staff also coordinates other aspects of the patient’s travel plans. If a patient’s family or caregivers will be traveling with them, we will help book the flight for additional passengers. Our team also obtains all necessary airport permissions, medical clearances, medical equipment clearances, and immigration and customs clearances. Our multilingual, visa-ready escorts are available for commercial stretcher service on flights both within the United States and around the world.

Our commercial stretcher service is a more cost effective way to transport injured, ill, or elderly patients who do not require emergency air ambulance transport, yet still need advanced medical care while traveling. It is available for flights in First Class as well as Business Class. Hi Flying - Air Ambulance International also offers a variety of other medical air transportation services, including medical escort service, aeromedical travel, air ambulance transport, and critical care air transport.

Commercial Airline Stretcher Service

HI Flying Air Ambulance International can make all the possible arrangements required to airlift patients who qualify all the tests and are stable to fly with a commercial airplane by our commercial airline stretcher service. This service helps you in saving thousands of dollars and also a lot of time. On a specific request, our team maanages to set a FAA approved stretcher with a private curtain in order to create a small cabin for you and our medical team.

Commercial airline stretcher services are only possible with the help of significant co-ordination and planning, and for that you can rely on Flying Air Ambulance. We take the pride of being highly experienced and trained in delivering stretcher services to international and local patients. Flying Air Ambulance has successfully completed hundreds of missions with award winning services along with the airlines that offer an onboard stretcher.

We have a very positive reputation in working with some of the giant airline services and can orchestrate a commercial airline stretcher as per your request. 

Why choose commercial airline stretcher service?

There are many reasons which will surely convince towards choosing stretcher services.

Cost Competitive Option:

A private medical air aircraft can be a costly option if you are not sustaining any critical situation. As you are sent from a commercial plane, there’s no need to pay extra for any fuel charges. Also you need less documentation as compared to chartered ambulance aircraft.

Medical Assistance on the go:

This is as similar as a medical air ambulance. There is a medical team onboard with the patient that continuously monitors patient’s health conditions and take care of his needs. Flying Air Ambulance makes sure that the patient has no issues during the flight time. As per the patient’s condition and needs, we staff a team of nurses and physicians.

International Experience:

We have international experience of transporting patients from country to country. These respiration services are really complex and rewarding at the same time. The major complexity faced in this service is the visa requirements and the customs. Getting visa at the earliest means the patient will be transported early and the treatment will start early. Flying Air Ambulance has a subtle know-how of how to get visa clearance at the earliest. We also ensure quick custom clearance while airlifting the patient to desired place either to his home or to some medical institution.

Things you should know before booking commercial airline stretcher service

There are certain things you should keep in mind while taking stretcher service with Flying Air Ambulance.

  • Only some significant commercial airlines allow a stretcher onboard as some seats are to be removed to fix the stretcher. And Flying Air Ambulance works with all of these.
  • You save a decent sum of money while travelling with commercial airline stretcher service.
  • You need to inform us 7-10 days prior to boarding a flight. As we have to make all the arrangements with the commercial airline and also we have to manage all the clearance certificates. This process easily takes 5-7 days, so your journey becomes even smooth if you inform us early.
  • Every patient who has opted our medical stretcher services is accompanied with a dedicated team for superior medical attention and special assistance while boarding and un-boarding.
  • Flying Air Ambulance also take care of your logistics and other essentials, which makes you feel at home while being stress-free during the travel.






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