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Natural unrest, Political change, civil unrest and travel disruption due to wars often means "Charter a Plane" is the only way to leave a region quickly and safely. 

Be in touch with the world - Keep in touch with the news
In case of anticipated unrest or political instability - be in touch with the newspaper, television or internet of any thing bad happening in the region.

Be Prepared and Act Early - Leave ASAP
"If in doubt, get out" has been the international community advice for all travellers. 
With airlines over-booking and cancelling flights at short notice, you cannot be assured that a reservation will be guaranteed.
The earlier you make the decision to leave the higher the probability you will be successful.

Use Regional Airports - Avoid the crowds
Often it is a country's main international airport that gets closed first and the smaller regional airports are usually kept open for longer.
Most airlines will be already committed to using the main international airport, so not only will the main hubs be extremely incredibly busy but travelling to them by road will likely involve substantial delays.
Private jet charters have a proven agility during travel disruption, utilising many more airports than airlines and can use smaller regional airports with shorter runways whenever possible.

Reduce cost - Fly to the nearest safe country
The cost of flying home by private jet can be substantially more than evacuating to the nearest safe country.
For example, during the earthquake in Nepal this year, many Europeans wanted a charter flight to fly home to Germany, France or Switzerland, but it is a good idea to fly to India or United arab emirates and take the next stage flight home to Europe - both of these can vastly reduce the cost of the evacuation. 
From these 'safe hubs' you should then find it easier to make onward travel arrangements to get home by regular scheduled airline.
Documentation - Scan and save online
Obtaining flight permits can be delayed if passenger information is not complete or supplied in full at the time of application.

Keep Money and Credit card safe
Keeping the money resources in place will go a long way to utilize the same for a safe flight home.

Be Insured
Last but not the least, please have a Travel insurance policy in place.

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