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Mongolian Altai Mountain trip went wrong - Medevac


Mongolian Altai Mountain trip went wrong

Evacuation to UK

This trip from a Holiday Company which offers once in a lifetime expedition, and a chance to summit two unclimbed 13,000ft peaks, one of which is still unnamed. A group of young boys and girls were in the remote Altai mountains in the Siilkhem national park, near the borders with Russia and China. From climbing exposed ridges to tackling glaciers and pioneering new routes to summits, this is a demanding trip.

Unfortunately, during the climb, one of the girls slipped and slipped badly and fell in a deep gorge and fractured her ankle.

Luckily insured, the Assistance company called us - and we planned a quick pickup of the injured girl sending 4 members of our team to rescue her.
Her leg had to be immobilized and she had to be evacuated to the nearest tertiary care center.
The girl accompanied by her friend was transported back home to Sheffield United Kingdom and admitted at an NHS Hospital for further surgical treatment.
It was a timely transfer done and was much appreciated by her family.

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