Stroke Patient transported from Dhaka Bangladesh to Singapore for higher treatment

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Stroke Patient transported from Dhaka Bangladesh to Singapore for higher treatment

Stroke Patient transported from Dhaka Bangladesh to Singapore for higher treatment.

A Stroke patient was safely transported from Dhaka Bangladesh to Singapore accompanied by a Medical Doctor escort.

Medical tourism has become an integral part of healthcare industry. People travel for different medical situations to different countries for availing accurate diagnosis, better medical treatment and   reliable services.

Repatriation by air ambulance (chartered or commercial flights) becomes mandatory at times when the condition of the patient is critical or due to limited mobility.

Like medical tourism, air ambulance services are also adding a huge share to the healthcare business and are catering to the patients  and generating revenue for the healthcare industry sector globally.

Bangladesh is a country sharing its border with India and Myanmar. It is a developing country. The economy of Bangladesh hugely depends on business related to textile industries, leather, fisheries and other small scale industries. The population of the country is relatively high, poverty, inequality of wealth distribution is some of the major challenges to the development of their population . The geographical condition of the country has contributed to a relatively slower development of the country, although the per capita income of the country has been reportedly improving. The health-care facilities is also developing. There are more than about 5000 hospitals listed. Yet the facilities are still not at par with the adjoining developed countries like Singapore, India and Thailand.  

The case-study discussed below is of a patient, who was repatriated from Dhaka Bangladesh to Singapore in a critical conduction who suffered a major stroke.

Ali, was merchandising in textile business. Work scope was enormous in his field and his intellect helped him to manifold his business, not only in his own country Bangladesh, but he also toured countries like India, Nepal, Singapore and Sri Lanka. With his growing business, the stress related to work commitments was also increasing day by day. He was diabetic and also developed high blood pressure.

On an odd day, he suddenly developed symptoms like mild numbness in his arm and legs but considering it to be a wrong side of sleeping related issue, he ignored his medical condition. After few days, he suffered from a chronic attack of stroke and had to be hospitalized under emergency condition.

Stroke is a condition, whereby there is poor blood flow to the brain resulting into cell death. Thus deprives the brain with supply of oxygen and the brain cells of the particular region dies. When the brain cells die,the natural abilities controlled by that particular region of the brain is lost for eg. Loss of memory, retardation of movement of the body, if it is associated with the muscular functioning.

There are mainly two causes of Stroke- Ischemic(blockage) and Hemmorhagic (bleeding)

In an Ischemic condition, develops clot/s due to deposition of excessive of cholesterol called plaques in certain regions of the brain, which results in reduction or cut-off of blood supply to that particular region of the brain and the oxygen doesn’t reaches the particular site and results into stroke.

In Hemmohagic case, a weakened blood muscle ruptures and leads to seepage of blood into the brain tissue.

A third condition, which is also known as mini-stroke is associated with symptoms lasting about 24-hours

About 80% of cases reported are Ischemic. 

Stroke Symptoms are as follows:

  • Weakness or numbness in the face, legs and arms particularly on one side of the body.
  • Sudden confusion or difficulty in understanding.
  • Dizziness, trouble in walking, loss of balance and coordination.
  • Severe headache.
  • Loss of eye sight or trouble in vision of one eye or both the eyes.
  • Blurred speech


Ali was rushed to a hospital in Dhaka in an emergency state, his left part of the body was left numb with very little movement. Initial diagnosis suggested that he got an Ischemic stroke. 

After initial diagnosis, the patient was treated with blood thinners like Aspirin to facilitate blood flow and to avoid second stroke.

The family was traumatized and was deeply saddened. They wanted him to get the best possible medical attention and decided to shift him to a world-class facility in Singapore. Ali, being a regular traveler to Singapore, his travel requirements were in place. But his family members had never traveled abroad. The medical team of the Dhaka hospital suggested them to take help from the medical escort team of Hi Flying Chartered which operated routinely from Dhaka to Singapore. Initial co-ordination on behalf of the family members was done by the hospital authority. The hospital authorities briefed the family members to fly the patient after the condition of the patient stabilizes. They suggested them to move after 2 weeks. In the meanwhile they arranged their telephonic communication with the Hi-Flying team to continue with the further arrangements.

Collateral issue was communication problem. The immediate family members could speak only in the local language, Bengali. Hi-Flying team took a brief of the patient from the attending doctors and arranged for a medical escort, one who could communicate both in Bengali and English. This helped the family members to effectively communicate with the team. They were well-off in terms of financial condition and so it was mutually decided to repatriate Ali to Mount Elizabeth hospital in Singapore, which is a renowned hospital for handling patients with severe stroke condition. In this case, the hospital advised the patient to be air lifted only after 2 weeks, for the patient to get stabilized.

Hi-Flying team went ahead with the necessary documentation process for the patient as well as the family member. In the meanwhile, they suggested the family members and attending doctor to communicate with Mount Elizabeth hospital to discuss about the current medical condition of the patient and also the further line of treatment at the Singapore facility. Hi-Flying medical team arranged for a call and briefed the doctors on the case history to ensure safe travel of the patient.

The doctors suggested that Carotid Endarterectomy Surgery needs to be carried out at their Mount Elizabeth facility. This will be followed with medication, dietary suggestions and weeks of physiotherapy. This kind of pre-consultation helped the family, to get mentally as well as financially prepared for a long term procedure on a foreign land.

Hi-Flying services accommodates one of the immediate family member to fly with the patient to the destination site, free of cost, with no additional charges incurred. This facility provided by the service provider not only reduces the burden on the ailing patients family members but also helps in a way that the immediate family member gets a chance to be with the patient for emotional and moral support.

The patient history brief was noted by the medical escort team. It was decided that the patient should be repatriated to Singapore by a commercial flight, Biman Bangladesh, which is one the fastest airbus from Bangladesh to Singapore. Ticket booking and documentation for flying is taken care of by their expert team members within 12-24 hours of confirmation for repatriation from the patients side.

Medical stretcher was arranged for mobilizing the patient. Arrangements were made on a commercial flight in co-ordination with the medical team of Biman Dhaka. All these formalities were taken care of by the medical team of Hi-Flying Charters.

Ali, suffered from speech related issues too, during the process. The medical escorts not only supported him physically but also took care of his mental well-being during the entire process. The entire emergency medication was arranged for the air transportation as well as road transportation. High grade oxygen cylinders, medical equipment's were arranged for the transportation process.

In this case, the pre-consultation services provided by the Hi-Flying team was a great support to the patient and the family.

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