Air Ambulance Emergency transport of a Poison Patient by lifesaving Flight

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Air Ambulance Emergency transport of a Poison Patient by lifesaving Flight


Emergency Transportation of a poisoning victim

Poisons are objects which can root permanent or temporary damage if the body consumes too much. There is an array of toxins that can have ill effects on the body, some of them are- 

  • Alcohol poisoning– It may happen when someone has drunk an exuberance amount
  • Drug poisoning– It might occur because of an overdose of illegal drugs
  • Food poisoning– It is caused by eating dirty food
  • Carbon Monoxide poisoning- It is caused by breathing of this harmful gas.
  • Swallowed poisons– It is caused when someone consumes poisonous substances, like chemicals, plants, drugs, fungi or berries.

It is not easy to handle and transport such patients as it needs to be done promptly and requires extra care. In the past, the dormant to harm had marked up drastically, not because of the ignorance or inability of care providers, but also because the protocol in which they were working had become highly complex and poorly framed.

As patients with critical poisoning may present as iatrogenic errors in the first aid, emergency cases and resuscitative measures, clinical approaches, medication, procedures, and transfer often muddle the process of the cases with poisoning. Breach of the therapeutic and ethical guidelines often result in deteriorating patient's clinical condition and results.

However, now in the past few years, because of air ambulance services, it has become accessible and comfortable to transfer poisoned victims. The patient transport should be confined to the circumstance in which the patient's medical condition is steady, therapeutic benefits of transportation offset the possible dangers, following an informed approval from the patient and an agreement between receiving and transferring hospitals consenting the transport being within its potential scope.

 It is essential that a standardized approach is followed in the movement of patient transfer; initiating with the accord to transfer, through the pre-transfer stability, and the management of the transport itself. This will comprise of all the stages which include skilled evaluation, documentation, communication, monitoring, and treatment.

You should always make sure and analyze all the points before the transport of the victim as the choice to transfer should not be taken casually. It has the risk to expose the patient and the staff that helps in transferring to further risk. For transporting a victim air ambulance has trained personnel, all the required types of equipment, but it might result in an additional expense as the air ambulance cost is slightly high. However, it is worth it as they even care about the relatives that might accompany the victim.

 Usually, in an air ambulance, one relative or friend can accompany the patient because the victim feels more comfortable with someone who is known to him.

The arrangement of emergency care and improved transfer system includes equipped air ambulance escorted with best health care providers as they are of paramount concern. Now there is well-designed and supervised emergency care; also the transfer protocols have improved drastically. Not only this, there are specialized physicians while on the transportation process as it is very crucial for urgent intervention if any adverse situation occurs. This helps in preventing complications during transportation.

Medical advice and therapeutic protocols of emergency care should always be considered while making this decision which includes medical transfer procedures, proper administrative and also communication with the PTC before the transfer. Excellent communication and preparation with the PTC before transferring the patient are of great relevance for the better assessment of cases of acute poisoning as it may aid in avoiding inappropriate management as well as risk transfer. 

Thus in such cases, it becomes essential that the patient's health is stabilized before the transfer and while transport there are specialized doctors and the staff members who can make the patient calm and keep a constant check on the patient's health with all the required equipment.

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