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Dubai Medical Studies and Visiting Physicians in UAE

Our Basic Life Support and Advance Lifesupport Ground Ambulance team in Dubai - United Arab Emirates.

The MBBS program is a competency-based, integrated curriculum with the chief objectives expressed as talent which the graduate doctor should have acquired by the end of the program.

The MBBS program is accredited by the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA), Ministry of Education, Higher Education Affairs, United Arab Emirates. The outcome competencies of the program are benchmarked with internationally known competency frameworks including the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) competencies, have been adapted to the cultural context of the Arabian Gulf region and are aligned to the UAE National Qualifications Framework at Level 7 [Bachelors]. 

The duration of the program is Five years and the curriculum is organized in an organ-system based sequence integrating biomedical sciences, clinical sciences, social/behavioral sciences and patient-care skills. 
The course is designed to develop a culture of teamwork, scientific inquisitiveness and lifelong learning for the students which are essential for the efficient practice of medicine.

The course material used in the MBBS program includes diverse teaching/learning methods to cater to different learning styles of a culturally diverse group of students.  More group and active learning strategies like Student-led Seminars (SLS), Problem-based Learning (PBL), Team-based Learning (TBL), Virtual-patient Learning (VPL)  are used with less number of lectures. Early clinical exposure starting from the first year is the highlight of the MBBS program.

The curriculum is delivered in a number of different healthcare scenario including outpatient and inpatient care, primary health care, emergency, and community settings providing vast experience. Training in the latest simulation set-up in the preclinical years provides additional hands-on training during the pre-clinical years of training.

Assessments are of high degree of skills and benchmarked internationally by the MBBS students taking the International Federation of Medicine (IFOM) Exams (Basic and Clinical Sciences) conducted by the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME), USA.

MBBS Students are awarded the MBBS degree on successful completion of the 5-year program and passing a comprehensive Examination. 

The MBBS degree awarded by GMU is recognized by the Ministry of Health, UAE and all graduates are eligible to take the licensing exam in any other country to be evaluated for independent practice.

A new medical license that will allow  expat doctors to work at three clinics for up to two years in Dubai was announced on by the UAE Government.

Starting January 20, doctors will be able to apply for the Visiting Doctor’s license to work at medical center in Dubai Healthcare City free zone.

Currently, visiting doctors can only practice temporarily in the free zone through a license obtained by clinical facilities. That license is valid for three months with the option to extend by an additional three months only.

With the new license, doctors will be able to work for two years, after obtaining a "Letter of Acceptance"  to confirm their eligibility to work as doctors and enter into a contract with a clinics or hospitals. The doctors  will also be able to sponsor their family members during that period.

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