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Air Ambulance flight Medical Transport Services Dammam Saudi Arabia to Kochi India

Medical Transport Services from Dammam to Kochi, India

HI Flying Air Ambulance International provides Medical Transport Services for Patients who are admitted in a hospital in Dammam and other cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia like Riyadh or Jeddah to be transported home to Kochi India.

We, humans, have managed to turn all obstacles into a way with innovation in technology or ideas or the application of the same in many other areas. To be clear, just like a computer, even the airplanes has come a long way in its evolution. The uses of it have been put into many areas. It has made anywhere medical assistance possible. People should never have to worry about safety anywhere around the world.

The good news is that most humane decisions have been taken by the nations to lend these services across every nation around the world. As you can see the title, there are medical transport services available from Dammam to Kochi. There is considerable distance between these two areas. Yet, this is possible now through the ideas of Invention. 

Medical Transport Services refer to any types of transportation with the single goal of serving the people. Their services may vary based on the positions of the patients. There are certain companies that care exclusively for emergency cases. For instance, it may be an accident during mountaineering. Other services may include patients in hospitals in critical conditions.

It also includes patients who have to be dropped home after the successful operation. Besides, very ill- people to be admitted to the hospital for any medical service or operation. On the whole, all kind of care and welfare is provided according to the need of the patients. It is apparently not possible to carry a patient in a public transport system or in a personal vehicle. There are many companies around the world, for the patients to serve them whenever they are in need.

As per the services the companies also differ, so provide air services, which include commercial flights, charter flights, air ambulances along with the professionals needed. Some companies own all of these but some companies have all this on the lease. But these life-saving services are profit – oriented. One has to understand as the expenses required setting up all the state of the art facility for the ailing patient in the flight.  Air travel is of immense help to reach the patients in all sorts of terrain. 

Let us also know a little about these two places and their geographical amazements. Kochi is situated in the South of the country of India. Kochi is a group of islands. Generally, archipelago will have infrastructural challenges, yet it can be resolved. Kochi is a very beautiful place and because of that it is obviously a tourist spot and apparently, accidents can be common. Kochi has very good rainfall. This place will have a lot of water sports and many adventures loop in here for exciting events. As these places are prone to accidents medical services of high sophistication is great to help.  

Dammam is a place in Saudi Arabia. It is located on the eastern side of the country. In contrast to Kochi of India, it has a very warm climate. It is a desert indeed. There are times during which the temperature is even up to 40 degree Celsius and more. In contradiction to itself, the temperature may drop down to 8 degree Celsius during night times in Dammam. The rainfall here in this country is very less making the moisture content extremely less in the atmosphere. 


 Medical Transport Services and available aids

The services of the Medical Transport services include first aid cover, event health and safety, A & E division, Repatriation services, organ retrieval, bariatric services. The most advanced services are command and control vehicles. It has an integrated satellite system. It gives high-speed data for voice communications between staff regardless of the distance and altitude of operation. It is obviously of great help during emergency situations. It is a fully automated and self-seeking satellite system. Two-way talks, data recording, and live image transfer are possible with this system.

The high tech communications system is made available in medical services. There are also specialist vehicles for the staff to get over very difficult terrains. To top all this, automated stretchers are made available. It makes all the patients feel safe and comfortable irrespective of their weight. It has an extra wide ramp that can carry up to 600 kg. An electric winch is also available for loading and unloading patients. This monster can even be widened to 39 inches. Powered trolleys make the work easier for both the patient and the staff. 

Air ambulances which were seen as the greatest application of idea became unpopular because of the huge cost. So now many companies to capture the huge market have brought in other alternatives to give the same kind of treatment as in the air ambulances. Commercial flights and charter flights are there now to be most acclaimed. To make it even safer, medical escorts are being sent along to accompany the patient and take care of throughout the travel.

Special cases will have an entire crew to take care of the patient. Oxygen administration, Sedation, Pain management, Toileting assistance, Oxygen saturation monitoring and more are seen in the vehicle. A least of 3 people are there as nurse or paramedic and two drivers. Apart from all these facilities, there are three important processes which include pre-flight processes, During flight Process and after destination Process. Let us know them in detail. 

Pre-flight processes

Fit to fly status is a must and normal process is done but a very important process. Reviewing of all records, communication with the departure and the receiving end to verify the status of the patient etc is very essential. This information will make us be ready with the needed equipment and medicines.

Medical clearance from the airline and the medical approval for oxygen, all ground transports like the wheelchair, limo etc had to be arranged. Wheelchair assistance in the gate and through the security check, medications, and supplies etc also come handy in all situations. Updating family members and the staff at every end involved will complete the preflight process.

During flight Process

Medical escorts arrive some half an hour early the departure to take all time care of the patients. Pre-flight assessment of the patient is done to keep in track the health condition of the patients. They will inform the family members about the arrival time of the patient. The private lounge is also arranged to take care of the patient’s comfort and meal as per the diet. Deplaning, wheelchair assistance and even the luggage are also taken care.  

After destination Process

Locate prearranged ground transportation, Transport to destination facility or home, Secure patient in the new location, provide a complete medical report to receiving facility or family, Follow up communication within 48 hours of transport comes finally. 

The list is big but all these are done in the lowest time possible. It is because we have a struggling life inside. Moreover, it is all about the condition of the patient and the moral stability that is provided by the medical escorts and doctors to the patient in transit. A coordinated work of hundreds or more saves a precious life. Long live technology and innovation of ideas to serve humankind

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