Patient who was diagnosed with Encephalitis was safely transported from China to Singapore

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Patient who was diagnosed with Encephalitis was safely transported from China to Singapore

Air Ambulance China to Singapore

Medevac of a patient who was diagnosed with Encephalitis was safely transported from China to Singapore by HI Flying.

Singapore is an island nation with a tropical climate. Singapore is a multicultural and multilingual country. It has a rich heritage and have developed fast in all sectors including but not limited to business, economics, finance, education, and health-care sectors. Of the total population of Singapore, a large percentage of the population in Singapore are non-residents. According to the data available from the official source; of its total population of about 5.47 million, 3.87 million are residents (citizens plus permanent residents), and rest are non-residents. That amounts to about 30% population of Singapore as non-residents. Thus the non-residents population also contribute largely to the development and glory of this nation. The population distribution of Singapore includes Chinese(76.2%), Malays(15.0%) and Indians(7.4%). There are four official languages in Singapore- Malay, English, Mandarin, and Tamil

Chinese population matrix is the highest in Singapore. Tourists from all over the world flee to Singapore every year. Chinese tourists being the major contributors to the Singapore tourism industry. According to statistical data available of consecutive three years, it is evident that of the total tourists visiting Singapore every year, the Chinese tourists contributing to the tourism industry of Singapore is the highest. Around 3.2 million tourists from China visited Singapore in the year 2017. The tourism players of Singapore have started adopting the strategy of recruiting more Mandarin-speaking staff in their hotels and also training them to choose the Chinese etiquettes primarily for their guests from China.

Also, Singapore has world-class hospitals and medical facility service centers in the world. The Ministry of Health of Singapore supervises it. It comprises of both Government run as well as private sector hospitals. Bloomberg ranked Singapore’s health-care system the most efficient in the year 2014.

Being one of the costliest city in the world, medical facilities are also more expensive in Singapore. The medical facilities in Singapore are claimed to be the best and are among the top 16 best health-care providers in the world. As many non-resident citizens reside in Singapore for work purpose, the expats prefer to insure themselves and their immediate family members with a Mediclaim.

Due to a large number of Chinese expats residing in Singapore, people tend to fly back to their home country for visiting their friends and families throughout the year. Whereby Singapore has a tropical climate, China, on the other hand, has long prolonged dry and cold weather. Also, overpopulation and hygiene issues have contributed to a lot of health-related problems in China. China ranks number one in terms of population. China is no more isolated and people from all over the world travel to and fro China for business, tourism and educational purposes.

Due to the enormous population, the outbreak of epidemics is common in China.

The most common health issues in China are listed here:

  • Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
  • H7N9 Flu (Avian Flu)
  • Ebola
  • Hepatitis B and C 

One such expat visiting China from Singapore met with ill-fate and had to be expatriated from China to Singapore. The person traveled to China after about a decade to meet close family members to attend a family event. The immune system of the human body tends to change .and it becomes difficult for some people to cope up with the climatic differences from one place to another.
This traveler was visiting the rural areas of China after long and got infected by Japanese Encephalitis.

What is Japanese Encephalitis(JE)?
Its a disease spread through mosquito bites. It is a mosquito-borne flavivirus and belongs to the same genus as yellow fever, dengue and West Nile Viruses. 

Signs and symptoms
Symptoms include fever, vomiting, confusion, headache. The symptoms appear slowly over a period of 5-15 days. Symptoms that develop at a later stage include the onset of high fever, headache, neck stiffness, disorientation, seizures, spastic paralysis, swelling around the brain and even coma or death of the patient.

A person who has traveled to the infected area have more chances to get infected by this disease. To confirm the presence of this infection, it requires screening in the laboratory by testing the serum, preferentially the cerebrospinal fluid.

It is better to take advice from doctors/ physicians before traveling to other countries and get vaccinated.
Personal preventive measures include the use of long-sleeved clothes, mosquito repellents, coils and vaporizers. Avoid getting mosquito bites.
The patient traveling to the rural area of China didn’t consider the vaccination option before traveling and subsequently met with an ill-fate. The symptoms developed slowly and led to spastic paralysis whereby the patient had severe stiffness of the leg muscles and limited mobility. His family members back in Singapore considered getting him expatriated to Singapore and getting a better treatment there.

They tried to get in touch with different Air Ambulance services in Singapore. One of the colleagues of the concerned patient had previously availed services from Hi Flying Charters for his ailing mother, and they had catered her to fly from India to Singapore. His narrative of the services they provided was excellent and suggested them to contact them.

Hi-Flying Services provides full-service Air Ambulance. They offer both commercial and chartered services for patient expatriation. The most common services are from Shanghai, Hongkong or Beijing from China. Patient and got him transported from the remote location to the metropolitan airbase in Beijing. 

Hi-Flying Services operates from Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing, Hongkong from China to different countries. Patients are commonly transported to Shanghai and Beijing and even to Hong Kong for Non-Trauma episodes including Cardiac Episodes, Pulmonary disorders, acute, chronic renal failure.
Based on the assessment of the patient, whether the patient .is able to sit or stretchered may consider the most cost-effective mode of transportation. Not all patients require chartered travel.
The team is well equipped and trained to handle all situation during international travel. They have two decades of experience to closely work with foreign customs and consulates which is a significant factor for international transportation.

The family had decided to get the patient transported to Singapore and get him treated there. HI Flying team had complete plan chalked out for this case. Once the request and details of the patient were confirmed, the medical expert team got in touch with the patient whereby he was located.
The medical team conducted the initial assessment of the patient and the operation’s team arranged for the scheduling of deportation of the patient utilizing a commercial flight. Their efficient team handled the purchasing of seats, arrangement of ground ambulance transport as well as coordination with the ground staff.
The medical escort was equipped with the emergency medication required, a hospital in Singapore finalized by the family collaborated, and the medical history of the patient was shared. The exact time of transportation, arrival time of the patient to the hospital and all crucial details were divided. The family members were in close contact with the medical team of Hi-Fliers.
In this case, a medical stretcher was used for mobilizing the patient. Trained physician and nurse accompanied the patient and were monitoring the condition of the patient continuously. Boarding of the patient, security clearance and the necessary documentation clearance was taken care of.

Upon reaching Singapore, the medical escorts accompanied the patient to the receiving facility and provided a detailed report to the medical team of the receiving facility.
The required papers were handed over to the medical team.
The patient was smoothly facilitated to the receiving facility of his families choice and on time. The family members were happy with their experience of the service provider. Most importantly, the patient reached his destination safely. 

 To schedule an Air Ambulance or a Commercial flight transfer from China to any destinations in the world including Singapore, HI Flying - Air Ambulance can be contacted on their 24/7 telephone no +91 98211 50889 or +1 412 567 2211.


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