Finding the transplantable organs is quite a battle in itself, if you are fortunate enough to find an appropriate donor, you would certainly not like to risk the life of the recipient over slow means of road transportation. Air ambulances are 100% safe for sensitive organs like heart, kidney and liver transport.


Hi Flying - Air Ambulance International offers air ambulance transportation for organ transplant cases. When an organ donor dies, there is only a small window of time for removing and transporting their organs to get them to recipients. If that window is dragged out or delays occur, the organs may be lost. This means that patients who were waiting for those organs will remain on the waiting list. If another match isn’t found quickly, they could die to wait. Even if another match is found, a lost set of organs still means that someone won’t get the transplant that they desperately need. On average, 20 people die every day while waiting on an organ transplant list. 

When you need to get an organ to a recipient fast, you need the right form of transportation. Ground transportation is time-consuming. When an organ needs to travel a significant distance, this is unlikely to be an option. Even if the distance is not significant, delays due to traffic or even mild weather can be the difference between life and death for recipients on the organ donor list.

Hi Flying - Air Ambulance International is a fast and reliable way to transport organs from one medical center to another. Our fleet of aircraft can be dispatched in as little as two hours. Each air ambulance is already equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and operated by experienced pilots. Each aircraft is ready to fly, even on short notice, and is pre-equipped with all equipment necessary to safely transport organs from one destination to another. No need to coordinate a flight as well as medical equipment and staff to oversee the transport. With Hi Flying - Air Ambulance International, all necessary medical personnel and equipment is provided.

Our professional staff handles all aspects of the air ambulance transportation service. They coordinate any necessary ground transportation, customs and immigration clearances, airport permissions, and more. They take the stress of planning and coordinating transfers out of the hands of doctors and other medical professionals. This allows them to solely focus on caring for the organs and preparing them for recipients. Our team also includes a medical insurance expert prepared to work with doctors and loved ones of patients to obtain the compensation and coverage that is owed. Each air ambulance flight is assigned a medical director. This director will oversee a team of other staff and a variety of medical personnel, determined by the nature of the transport.

Hi Flying - Air Ambulance International also offers a variety of other medical air transportation options. This includes medical escorts and coordination on commercial flights, chartered flights on specialized aircraft, and air ambulance transfers, both emergency and non-emergency, for patients.

To schedule an emergency heart liver or kidney transplant flight - Call us and we will make arrangements for your team to travel at short notice.

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