Road Accident patient was flown in an Air Ambulance Flight from Vietnam to Singapore Hospital

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Road Accident patient was flown in an Air Ambulance Flight from Vietnam to Singapore Hospital

Air Ambulance Flight- Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam to Singapore

Road Accident patient was flown in an Air Ambulance Flight from Vietnam to Singapore Hospital.

Ho Chi Minh City(HCMC) is one of a city located in Vietnam. Orignally known as Saigaon, the city has a rich historical background. HCMC played a pivotal role in the Vietnam war for Independence. It’s known for the beautiful French colonial landmarks. 19th century monuments, busy markets, food joints are a major tourist attraction.

It has a tropical climate and the weather is normally hot. Throughout the year, it has mainly two climatic conditions dry and wet unlike seasons like summer, winter, rainy and spring in other countries. From May to October, the wet season is prevalent and November to July its the dry season. Most of the tourists visit during the dry season.
HCMC is the most populous city of Vietnam. The estimated population of the city alone is reported to be around 8.9 million, with estimated tourists fleeing to this city is about 3 million.It is considered as the commercial hub of Vietnam. Home to the stock exchange and headquarters many national and international banks. It is visited by most of the tourist, those who tour the country.The main airport is Tan Son Nhay International Airport; and is the most busiest airport.
The roads are mostly crowded and busy with many two wheeler’s occupying and crowding the streets. The motorbiker’s riding with pillions is a very common scene in HCMC.

Healthcare facilities in HCMC is considered to be relatively good, particularly the facilities provided in private sector hospitals are considered to be at par with the hospitals of the countries like India, Singapore etc.
Yet, expats traveling to the city prefer to be repatriated to countries like Singapore or Malaysia as the facilitation to these countries is relatively easy and the hospitals in those countries are more advanced. 

A family had planned to tour Singapore for a week long visit. One of the member was on an official tour to HCMC in Vietnam and decided to join them later in Singapore in a day or two. 
One day while crossing the busy roads of the city, the person met with an accident and suffered a major bone fracture of the right leg ankle. He was being hospitalized and the family members were communicated about his condition.
Further discussion revealed that he had suffered with a open, compound ankle fracture. This is a condition whereby the skin pierces the bone by a blow and breaks the skin. An ankle fracture is when at least one of the three bones in your ankle breaks. If only one bone breaks, one may not realize its complexity but if multiple bones break, the patient may lose stability and may not be able to walk for weeks.
One needs to rest and also requires physiotherapy for recovering.
Anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen, Naproxen are prescribed.

To understand the terminology of a complex fracture here are the different types of fracture conditions listed below:
The two major types being Simple and Complex. In case of Simple fracture which is often known as closed fracture; the bone is aligned and stable whereas in case of complex fracture which is also known as Open fracture; the bone may shift making the treatment more complicated. There is another one major type of fracture mentioned, Greenstick fracture- a small, slender crack in the bone is referred to as Greenstick fracture.
Some bones heal by using a metal cast over a period of time but in some cases it requires more complicated surgery like usage of pins, rods,plates to hold the bone in place. This is known as open reduction and fixation surgery.
The process of healing takes about 6-12 weeks depending on the complexity of fracture. Generally it is known that the healing occurs faster in case of children as compared to adults.
Healing process occurs in stages: Inflammation followed by granulation(tissue formation), Repair(Cartilage callus formation), Lamellar bone deposition and Remodeling to original bone contour. 

Healing in case of fracture is a natural process, treatment accompanied with optimum rest helps the patient to recover fast.
It only made sense to the family that instead of the entire family traveling to HCMC, the better option available was to air transport the patient to Singapore. But a routine flight travel was not a feasible option, instead traveling with a medical expert team seemed to be a better option.
The family got in touch with the best Orthopedic hospital in Singapore. The hospital staff suggested them to use the services of Hi-Flying Charters for expatriating the patient.

Hi- Flying Charters holds expertise in air-transportation of patients both on commercial and chartered flights.
Patients with cases having the below listed orthopedic conditions have been transported by their team very efficiently:

  • Long bone fractures in different extremities.
  • Injury to more than two body parts.
  • Ejection from vehicle.
  • Pedestrian or cyclist hit by motor vehicle
  • Penetrating trauma to the head, neck, chest, pelvis or head.
  • Fall from significant height.

Accidents and Orthopedic cases are one of the major and common cases of hospitalization reported in the world. Reports suggest that on an average a person suffers fracture at-least twice in his lifetime.
World statistics suggest that about 1.35 million people die due to road accidents every year.
About 50% of accidents are met by the vulnerable pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and pillions.
It is also reported that 93% of fatalities recorded occurs in low and middle income group.
Road injuries are leading cause of deaths in children and adults aged 5-29 years.

The major causes of road accidents throughout the world are listed below:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol is one of the major causes of fatal road accidents.
  • Speeding above the recommended level is another major reasons of the road accidents.
  • Road accidents also occur due to rash driving.
  • Driving under the influence of psychoactive substances.
  • Driving without helmets, seat -belts and child protective harness.
  • Driving on bad roads at higher speed limit.
  • Usage of mobile phones, distracted driving is yet another cause of unsafe driving leading to road accidents. 

The patient hereby, who had met with an accident was to be transported to Singapore. The team of Hi-Flying Charters got in touch with the hospital staff at HCMC. Detailed inspection of the condition of the patient was noted down. The documentation procedure for transportation procedure was initiated. 
It was decided that patient to be first transported by road to the nearest airport, Tan Son Nhay International Airport and an air ambulance equipped with the medical equipment's to be used in the process.

The prime services of Hi-Flying Charters incorporates, patient repatriation with a team who are well trained, experienced and can handle the condition of the patient both in the air and the ground transportation. The team undergoes training from time to time for up-gradation, so that they are mastered enough to handle any situation under extreme stress condition. Some situations and condition of patients are very critical and only experts can handle with extreme accuracy and precision to deport the patient on time. 

They also provide Medevac services under critical situation. Patients traveling without medical insurance or patients who have never availed an insurance are advised with the best possible services available and the claims documentation is also handled by their expert team as per the individual need.

  For more information to schedule an Air Ambulance flight - call us or email us at admin@hiflyingllc.com




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