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Medevac escort services from Dubai to Manila in the Philippines

Medevac escort services from Dubai to the Philippines

The Philippines is a country built up of islands. To be precise it consists of 7641 islands scattered across a total land area of 3 lac sq. km. Manila is the capital of the Philippines.  It is the eighth most populated country of Asia and twelfth most populous country of the world with the population count of about 100 million. The per capita income of the people here is around 2970 USD. It is an emerging country and the huge population of the country tend people to migrate for job opportunities in neighboring countries or the middle-east countries like the Emirates.

The economy of the Philippines is largely dependent on tourism. Due to the large dependency of the economy on tourism,  there are many airline services available. The airline services which operate mainly here are- Philippines AirAsia, Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines etc.

Due to a shortage of better job opportunities, Filipinos migrate to the United Arab Emirates. More than 6 lac's of Filipinos live in the UAE, of which about 450,000 Filipinos, reside in Dubai itself and they form around 21.3% of the population of Dubai. From the numbers itself, it is evident that there is a huge migration of Filipinos from the country to Dubai. Several of them work as laborers in the construction site, cargo, civil construction, telecommunication, medical field,domestic-help etc. 

Christine a young lady had big dreams for her family and wanted to make good earning and savings for her and the future of her family. She secured a job on a contract basis in a cargo. The money seemed to be huge for her in terms of conversion in the Philippines and she left for Dubai immediately. Upon landing in Dubai, the real struggle raised whereby for saving bucks she realized soon that she needs to compromise for accommodation in a crimp environment, sharing room with many room-mates at the same time. Life was moving ahead, it became a routine for her to wake up, cook for herself and go to her workplace. Working hours were pretty long with little or no time for recreation, besides no family member by her side to share her daily experiences. Often she also had to serve on the cruise ship as the replacement to another workforce. Slowly, life had become monotonous and unhappy for her.  Christine developed symptoms of acute respiratory illness and on occasion, she collapsed at the workplace.

What is an acute respiratory infection?

It is the illness whereby the person develops symptoms like difficulty in breathing. The infection can lead to interference in the normal breathing of the patient. It can affect the lower respiratory system or the upper respiratory system as well.


The person may show common symptoms like runny nose, congestion, difficulty in breathing, fevers at times, body ache. But in severe cases, instances of high fever, loss of consciousness and breathing disorder is also observed.

Christine was rushed to the hospital and had to be rushed to the emergency ward. She was detected with Bronchiolitis obliteran.

Bronchiolitis obliterans is an inflammation of the respiratory organ. It's a viral infection that affects the smallest air passages in the lungs which is also known as bronchioles. The bronchioles control the airflow in our lungs. When the bronchioles become infected or damaged, they swell up get clogged. This blocks the flow of oxygen. This disease is mostly observed in the child patient but in rare cases, it can be observed in adulthood too.

How was the diagnosis carried out?

Doctor's suggested to carry out Imaging which included chest X-rays. Samples of mucus or nasal discharge can help your doctor diagnose the type of virus causing the infection. This testing method is common with babies and small children. Spirometry was carried out to check the amount of air been inhaled while breathing. Also, the doctor suggested collecting the sample of the mucus and nasal discharge to diagnose the type of virus. Complete reports of the tests conducted confirmed that she was diagnosed with Bronchiolitis obliterans.

Who are at risk?

The most common risk factors for bronchiolitis obliterans in adulthood are:

  • working conditions that expose someone to dangerous chemicals
  • A person who had a heart, lung, or bone marrow transplantation done.
  • Smoking, chewing tobacco containing nicotine.
  • A person had autoimmune connective tissue disease in the past.


There is no permanent cure for the scarring caused to the lungs but medicines mainly like Corticosteroids can help  to clear up the lungs of mucus, reduce the inflammation to an extent, and open up the airways. The patient may need oxygen treatments and medications like immunosuppressant to regulate the immune system. Breathing exercise is suggested. Recovery in this condition may take months to a year but to achieve better results faster, doctor’s suggest to take proper rest in a clean and hygienic environment.

Her family back in the Philippines, requested her employer to deport her back to the Philippines for which the company agreed. They made an enquiry with he hospital and formalized the procedure for air transport via Air ambulance.

The prime Air Ambulance service provider to the Philippines from Dubai is Hi Flying Air Ambulance.

When choosing a Medical Escort Service, one has to consider the best service provider; one who can cater to the best service with respect to time and economic service. This company helps the patient for deporting not only by the airways but also ground services are fabulous.

In the Philippines, due to the complex geographical conditions, the transportation of the patient has to be done under both the conditions (air travel as well as ground travel).

Hi Flying Air Ambulance provides excellent service in the Philippines. The first time it served in Philippines Manila, was in 2005. From there onwards, the company has successfully repatriated many expats from the Middle-East to the Philippines. The list is endless for their successful patient transportation stories.  The company has:

  1. Air Ambulance Services which operates on Commercial tie-ups as well as private jets.
  2. An excellent core team of Medical Escorts, Paramedics, Doctor’s and Nurses.
  3. Commercial Airline Stretcher for patients
  4. Chartered Services are available for patient’s who can afford the service.
  5. Advanced Life Support Ambulance for patients suffering from chronic illness.
  6. Lifesaving Medical Equipment’s
  7. Hospital tie-ups at the destination location.
  8. Ground Ambulances for patient transportation on land.
  9. Hassle-free documentation.
  10. Case handling initiated within 24 hours of registering with them.
  11. Exclusive tie-ups with different ground ambulances and hospitals.
  12. Trained and qualified staff to handle all logistics, documentation process and the medical issue s.
  13. Best Medevac services available

Christine was transported via ground ambulance from the Dubai hospital and was bound on a stretcher by the medical team of Hi-Flying team. Emergency medication required during the transportation procedure was taken care of by the medical team. Pre-medical examination of the patient condition was carried out.

The procedure of immigration clearance was by their documentation team. The patient was transported in a  by means of a Learjet Gulfstream whereby all necessary arrangements were made for safe and comfortable transport. The doctor's continuously monitored the condition of the patient. The family members were updated on the condition of the patient and the exact time of flying and landing was informed. The hospital in Manila, where Christine was to be admitted for further treatment was contacted by the onboard doctors for making further arrangements for patient's admission.

To plan an  Air Medical Transport from Dubai to the Philippines - please call us with patient information which includes the hospital of origin and medical report and the final destination hospital in Philippines - whether it is main city Manila or the Province - we can help you plan the transfer in the most affordable manner.

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