Patient of Hepatic Failure transported by Air Ambulance from Dubai UAE to Mumbai India for Liver Transplant

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Patient of Hepatic Failure transported by Air Ambulance from Dubai UAE to Mumbai India for Liver Transplant

Air Ambulance Dubai to India

Patient of Hepatic Failure transported by Air Ambulance from Dubai UAE to Mumbai India for Liver Transplant.

Dubai is a dream destination for most of the people, especially those residing in the eastern countries like India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka etc. Commonly people travel to this country for vivid reasons maybe for touring, travel, medical needs and the most important reason is for earning their livelihood.

Dubai is the largest and most populous city of the Arab Emirates, located on the southeast coast of the Persian-Gulf, it is the capital of the Emirate of Dubai. The country is beautiful, has great infrastructure facilities, clean and wider roads, world-class hotels, airports, hospitals.

It is the financial hub of the United Arab Emirates. The economy of the country mainly depends on trade, tourism, real estate, aviation.

Dubai has a world-class international airport,  and it is ranked as the third busiest airport in the world. The international airport serves as a hub for the city and the other emirates. With millions of national and international travelers, the air traffic in Dubai is huge and the airport is busy throughout the year, 24x7x365 days. Enormous cargo transportation occurs from the Dubai international airport every day and it is ranked as the 6th busiest airport in terms of cargo transportation.

Dubai attracts millions of tourists every year, attracting them with their world-class jaw-dropping skyscrapers, hotels, financial centers and busy malls- Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, The Dubai Mall, The Dubai Fountain to name it are few and most eye-pleasing and popular tourist attractions.

Dirham, the currency of Dubai being stronger than the currency of the Eastern counterparts, laborer’s, working middle-class and business class people of the East has a major fascination for Dubai. The expats contribute to about 1/3rd of Dubai’s population.

Dubai has world-class healthcare centers, both public and private healthcare centers run in Dubai. Public hospitals too provide low-cost medical facilities to the people who lack financially. Expats those who want to use the public medical facilities, have to apply for the health card from the Department of Heath and Medical Services.

It is estimated that about 2.6 million of Indians live in Dubai and thus form the biggest expatriate population in the region.

The laws of Dubai is different from India and it is very important for travelers, tourists or immigrants to know about the local laws particularly related to travel and health insurance. The documentation process is very strict and vigilant in Dubai.

With the huge population of expats residing in Dubai, emergency and non-emergency health requirements arise at times and many people opt to return to their homeland in case they are not accompanied by their immediate family member/s.

During emergency situations, air ambulance services are the best and convenient mode of transportation of patients.

A non -resident immigrant Aman, staying for work purpose in Dubai had a chronic Hepatitis B infection. Viral Hepatitis including Hepatitis A, B and C are a group of distinct diseases that affect the liver. Each of these types shows different features and symptoms.


What is Hepatitis B?

Hepatitis B is a liver disorder, which can cause scarring of the organ, liver failure and even lead to cancer.

It spreads when people come in closed contact, open sores or body fluids, it spreads due to sexual contact. Hepatitis B is fatal if treatment is ignored or not received on time. It is reported that fewer than 5% of adults those are acutely infected with Hepatitis B progresses to a chronic condition.


Common Facts:

  • Spreads by sexual contact
  • Preventable if vaccination is taken.
  • Treatable by medical attention on time.
  • It requires proper and correct diagnosis.
  • Lab testing and imaging can give an accurate stage of the disease.



  • Some people may not develop any particular symptom but in some cases, few may develop symptoms like fatigue or malaise, fluid in the abdomen accompanied by abdominal pain, yellowing of the eyes, dark urination etc.


  • Diagnosis of Hepatitis-B is confirmed by lab testing of the blood to check for Hepatitis B surface antigen, surface antibody and core antibody.
  • Special ultrasound of the liver may be carried out by the doctor to know the exact condition of the damage being caused to the liver
  • In some cases, a biopsy may be carried out by the doctor.


  • Patient with the acute condition may not require medication and may be suggested rest, proper nutrition and to maintain hygienic condition.
  • Patient diagnosed with a chronic condition may require prolonged treatment with antiviral medication including Entecavir, Tenofovir, Lamivudine, Adefovir and Telbivudine.
  • The patient’s with an extreme chronic stage of diagnosis may also require liver transplantation.


Aman, who was diagnosed with Liver failure was suggested hospitalization and medication. He was staying alone in the city with no family members around to take care. He went into Hepatic failure and the doctors advised him for a Liver transplant. He was keen to be repatriated to India and wanted to undergo further treatment at Fortis Hospital in Mumbai. 

The treating doctors at Rashid Hospital in Dubai suggested him to use an air ambulance for transport. The hospital authorities got in touch with the medical experts of Hi- Flying Air Ambulance. The patient history was uploaded on their official website and their team got in touch with the hospital authorities immediately.

Though there are many Air Ambulance services available from and to Dubai. Hi-Flying Air Ambulances are a 24x7 service provider those who operate vigilantly from Dubai to India and other countries

It is one of the renowned and experienced service providers in this sector. Headquartered in the US, it has its regional offices in India and UAE. The company has a niche in this sector.

The company is almost 2 decades old.

Best Features of Hi-Flying:

  • Experienced to handle an emergency situation.
  • Are well equipped with medical team( like paramedics, medical escorts- doctors, nurses).
  • They offer travel on both commercial as well as chartered services as per the patient’s need.
  • They have tie-ups with international fliers and airports.
  • They have tie-ups with the destination hospitals in India.
  • Documentation for flying, immigration handled by their staff.
  • Pre-medical check, before evacuation is handled by the medical team very efficiently.
  • There may be a case, where the patient may not be insured, in such cases, their expert handles the necessary documentation with the best medical insurance service providers suitable to the condition of the patient.
  • They help those who can fly commercially but need professional assistance (medical escort)
  • They help those, who are in Dubai for some travel purpose and due to some emergency or maybe non-emergency medical situation needs to be repatriated.
  • They help stretcher-bound patients who want to travel on an international flight (stretcher flights).
  • They have a team of dedicated Medical Escorts who have a minimum of 5 years of experience in the medical field and have served in to cater to emergency patients. The staff undergoes regular training and accreditation.
  • The Medical Director himself supervises the entire process.
  • Also, as discussed above, the staff is well trained, the Air Ambulance is well equipped with the best and modern equipment’s required for air transporting of a patient like Oxygen cylinder, Ventilator, emergency medical kits, commercial medical stretcher.
  • The tie-up list with commercial airlines for transfers of patients is enormous.
  • Road and Rail Ambulance Services are available.
  • Repatriation of human remains is handled with uttermost excellence to Domestic and International Destinations.
  • Most importantly, they provide services which are also pocket-friendly for the patient. They provide packages based on the situation and on the basis of a particular case study.
  • Hi Flying allows a relative of the patient to fly absolutely free with no additional charges incurred.
  • The paperwork involved in transportation is seamlessly done by their expert team with no burden on the family members, who can then completely focus on the well-being and up-keep of the patient.


A Team comprising of expert nurses and a doctor were assigned for the expatriation procedure. Special medical equipment was used during transportation as strict aseptic conditions had to be maintained. All the medicines prescribed by the attending doctor’s, saline facility was taken care of. The patient was transported by ambulance to the International Airport in Dubai and then the medical clearance at the airport was carried out in assistance with their expert team. The entire paperwork was formalized and the patient was evacuated with an Air Ambulance.


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