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Air Ambulance in Dubai Abu Dhabi Ajman RAK Fujairah in United Arab Emirates


Medevac Services in Dubai United Arab Emirates

HI Flying Air Ambulance International has been serving Dubai, with state-of-the-art medevac services!
Choosing the right medevac services or aircraft ambulance is the most critical decision that weighs heavily both on the patient and his beloved. Our best-in-class air ambulance services are capable of reaching geographical locations where a conventional ambulance cannot arrive. Alternatively, the patient is required to transport over a long distance, crossing multiple terrains. 
At Flying Air Ambulance, we are always on alert and our teams are prepared to operate worldwide operations. We make sure that every operation we undertake is passed by medical supervisors in order to make sure that patient is safe to take on a flight and he will feel comfortable while flying.
We have a fleet of services which lies between basic services to specialized services. Even the basic services include a professional nurse and an EMT that is well aware of all the advanced medical equipments. 
Our ambulance aircrafts are equipped with comprehensive monitoring kits, ventilators, resuscitation kit, blood analysis equipments, EtCO2 and much more. We even have the facility and capability to carry additional materials for patients with unusual or severe conditions.  
If there is some potential risk in a patient’s condition and he has chances of getting a cardiovascular problem, then a surgery team is sent onboard with suitable Lifesaving Advance Lifesupport equipments and stabilizers. 
We take the pride of being one of the most trusted and safest medical travel partners who follow rigorous protocols to ensure utmost safety in every single flight. 
Why choose our medevac services?
Many reasons make our clients fall for our medevac services.
We provide security and discretion:
We assure you that your case will be treated on top priority while maintaining the privacy levels. Our jets have a separate cabin for patients, even when you choose our commercial stretcher services we try our best to sustain privacy and security.
We have access and reach to more airports:
Medical ambulances have access to more airports, and we make the best out of it. We can land to a remote area or can land on your nearest airport as per your requirements.
Cost Competitive:
When it comes to cost competency, we are hard to beat! Flying Air Ambulance always tries to keep prices low and budget-friendly. So you never feel that you have broken the bank while flying with an air ambulance.
Complete documentation:
Flying with air ambulance or taking medevac services means a lot of paperwork or visa clearances. We take the hassle at our head and complete your paperwork so you can reach the desired destination on time.
Global Coverage:
We are not bounded to a single country. We serve many countries and have our operational stores in many cities, which help us in covering a vast landscape.
Comfort and Luxury:
While being comfortable, we have crafted our jets to deliver luxury services. Our patients have always thanked us for timely and pleasurable service, which motivates us to accomplish more goals and satisfy more clients.

Why is HI Flying Air Ambulance International is different?
HI Flying Air Ambulance is a leader in medevac services who has managed to achieve almost all clinical standards across the air ambulance industry. Our new base in Dubai is fully-functional and is capable of handle multiple flights in a single day. We try to work hand-in-hand with the patients and their families to deliver best-in-class-care. 
Our safety parameters are extended and are governed by an expert committee to carry out every mission with added and ensured safety. 
Teams at Flying Air Ambulance are cohesive and have a strong belief that our patients are just like our families and we have to treat them with the care they deserve.

For Planned and Emergency Medical Evacuations from Dubai Hospitals to any destinations in the world - Contact our Expat wing at +91 9821150889 or email us at admin@hiflyingllc.com

More information on www.airambulancedubai.com

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