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Searching for the most Affordable Air Ambulance service for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia -Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Makkah, Medina, we provide Prompt and Professional Medical Transport solutions on both - A Dedicated Medevac Flight on Learjet or Gulfstream and Commercial Airlines Business class or Stretcher arrangements at an affordable cost for your patients on Domestic and International locations.
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CALL +1 646 480 6268 Anytime. Provide us your Patient Information by Email or Call us Anytime. Send us your Medical Report and a Pre-travel assessment form. We will provide you the safest and the most economical option for the transport of your loved one. We promise a prompt service. Have a quote from another Air Ambulance company. We promise to match or beat it!
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Medical Flights

Need an Air Ambulance flight from Riyadh Saudi Arabia to the United States
Shehzad W | 21 Mar
Air Ambulance flight from Riyadh Saudi Arabia to the United States Medevac services for expatriat
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A Guide to Air  Ambulance cost in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to other Locations in the World
Shamim P | 25 Apr
A Guide to Air  Ambulance cost in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Other locations in Asia Middle Eas
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Ambulance Flights

Medevac flight from United Arab Emirates Dubai to Cleveland in the United States
Stanley L | 21 Apr
Medevac flight from Dubai to the United States A morbidly obese patient was airlifted from Dubai
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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Hospitals and Air Medical Transport services
Aslam P | 06 Sep
Air Ambulance and Medevac in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia HI Flying Air Ambulance International wi
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Our Team

HI Flying - Air Ambulance International - a company incorporated in the year 1991 has a dedicated team of Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Medical coordinators and Support staff to carry out a safe, professional and affordable Patient Transport on both Air Ambulance Charter flights and Commercial Airlines Stretcher for all locations in the world.

Our Company is as good as its team members. It is the job of our Medical Director to ignite passion amongst all our members to make the working of our company - an efficient and seamless process so as to create a safe journey for your patient at an affordable cost and price.

Our Multinational team is always willing to share our knowledge, information and experience with you so as to work out the best option of travel for your loved ones.

We work 24/7/365 days for the safe transport of your patient across the globe.

Doctor Escort

Nurse Escort

Paramedic Escort


Nurse Escort

Middleeast Escort

Europe Escort


UK Escort

Data Security



Medical Coordinator



Doctor Escort

Nurse Escort

Case Manager

Medical escort - Professional Qualified Experienced

Finance - Accounts who manages Dollars and Pennies

Medical Coordinator - Orchestrates Medical Transfers and Multitasking

Medical Director - The Planner and Implementer- Passionate

Doctor - Qualified Professional Medico Physician

Nurse - Caring and Professional Lady Escort

Paramedic - CPR Expert and Friendly companion

IT - Eats Laravel for Breakfast, Photoshop for Lunch and PHP for Dinner

Security - Guards our Data and Takes Security seriously

Marketing - Spreads our good Work and can sell Sand in a Desert

Pilots - Fly our Machines like the Birds on Wings

Office Secretary - Talks nonstop and spreads rumors

Travel Coordinator - Book a Flight at a wink the last possible seat

Planner - Plan a Travel from the remotest location of the world

Case Manager- Assistance to Foreign Nationals for Hospitals and Travel

Legal Advisors - Men in Black -Legal Eagles who are guiding us

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+1 412 567 2211
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