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United States - Repatriation of Mortal Remains-Funeral shipping services


United States - Repatriation of Mortal Remains - Funeral shipping

Return of mortal remains or repatriation of mortal remains simply means the transportation of an insured person's deceased body back to their home country, and the other formalities associated with it.

Our Mission is to offer emotional support, friendship & provide a safe prompt and legal transportation for bereaved persons and to share their grief.

"Better, strangely, to have loved and lost than to have never risked loving at all. But that's perceived callously, no matter how true it is, especially to the one still lost to love gone. Love and grief, it seems, have an antagonistic relationship with each other."

Whether you need to arrange to move a deceased family member across the United States or return a loved one back to their country of origin to their final resting place; we can take care of the complete process with respect.

The United States of America has a  large immigrant population, many of which choose repatriation to their country of origin upon death; we also have a growing transient senior population.  More and more Americans are choosing to retire to warmer climates in Florida, California, Hawaii or even as far as Mexico and the Caribbean.  

What does this mean for family members when a close one expires?  Those left behind are faced with the issue of bringing Mom or Dad back to their hometown to be laid to rest in their designated cemetery plot.

Prompt Services at the most economical cost in the United States.

We will coordinate everything on your behalf, and with their knowledge, contacts and expertise, can guarantee you the safe and dignified transportation of your loved one at the most economical cost.
If you have a lower cost - we will try to match it with better services.


Cost of Dead Body Repatriation

We do worldwide transportation of mortal remains to countries in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and Australia. The cost of repatriation can vary to a large extent from
USD 5000 to as high as USD 15,000.
It will also depend on whether you choose to ship non-cremated human remains or cremated remains.
If flying a dead body is expensive for you - we can customize the transportation option of arranging a direct cremation at the place of death, and then transportation of the ashes back to the family. 

Email us at admin@hiflyingllc.com

We do everything for you! We just need your consent and deceased information and we do everything for you!

Time is of paramount importance inc case the body needs to be transported nationally or internationally.  One call or email to our 24/7/365 office and we  will immediately work out a plan and give you a cost and timeline. If the same is acceptable to you, we need a written confirmation and indemnity signed by you. We will ask you to fill an information form and will keep in close touch with you.

Arrangements are made to collect the deceased from the place of death and move them to a funeral facility.  We ensure the correct preparation for transportation, including a sealer casket, and “approved” receiving country shipping container.  We handle all the bureaucracy and coordinate all local, state, and “receiving country” consulate paperwork and handle the booking of all international flights.   As “Known Shippers” with major airlines, We can usually confirm flight availability with ease and often have discounted programs. 

The specialized team handling the funeral shipping will also liaise with the receiving country, or state, funeral provider to ensure a seamless transportation process. We also handle the delivery and supervision of the deceased’s international or domestic flight. 

Transporting your Loved ones to a different Location in the same state or to a different state or to neighboring countries.
We can help in ground transportation if the distance is not very great.

For long-distance transportation, air transportation is a preferred mode of journey.
If the deceased will be embalmed in the destination city, or will not be embalmed at all, an appropriate method of refrigeration will be necessary during transportation. The remains may be packed in ice or placed in a refrigerated container.  If the body has been embalmed prior to transportation, refrigeration is not necessary.  State legislation governing funerals homes can vary state-to-state, so the need for embalming may depend upon the origin and destination state or country.

The Funeral Casket is in most cases the most expensive item you will buy when planning a so-called modern day funeral service. Funeral Caskets are generally sold on their visual appeal, however, the prices charged for funeral Caskets varies enormously.  Caskets are generally made from materials like woods, metals or plastics.  The average casket sold in America today costs just over $2,500, however, some of the Bronze and Copper funeral Caskets can cost well over $15,000.

Caskets can also be constructed from such hardwoods as ash, maple, elm, poplar and cottonwood.  Many of these wooden Caskets are hand sculpted and meticulously polished to a high gloss or satin finish which adds greatly to the visual appeal of the object.

To schedule Funeral shipping services - call us or email us at admin@hiflyingllc.com



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