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Funeral Shipping Services-For your Loved Ones

Funeral Shipping Services - For your Loved Ones by Commercial airlines flight

HI Flying Air Ambulance International- Repat wing - A Helping Hand at the time of Grief!

These days funeral shipping services are not just a basic affair. It is much more complicated then transporting a patient via air ambulance. Many legislative communities govern the entire process. Moreover, when it comes to transporting human remains nationally or internationally, we make a difference.
The family members or beloved of the deceased usually don’t know what to do and where to start. Most of them either make the biggest mistake of taking wrong decisions and relying on local funeral shipping services that are not familiar with the complications associated with mortuary shipping.
We, at HI Flying, have designed our policies in such a way that you remain informed about the whole process and remain ensured that everything is under control. 
With time, more and more clients depend on us as they have witnessed the quality and care we deliver. Our 24*7 workforce makes sure that the deceased is airlifted with all possible precautions. The dead body is monitored in the whole process in order to assure that everything is going in the right flow.
A single call is enough to activate our services, and on getting the details, we start preparing for evacuations process.

Why choose us for funeral shipping services?
It’s always an overwhelming situation when a beloved dies. We can feel the pain and can guide you the right way to take the deceased to the destination place for a funeral process. Flying Air Ambulance has handled hundreds of cases and has established its feet in these cases.

We are equipped with advanced instruments:
Carrying a dead body has its own set of formalities. Every equipment is different, and a refrigeration environment needs to be obtained to preserve the body before the transport the body without any decomposition. 
We have the best of techniques to do the embalming of the body and your choice of coffin for the transport. 

We understand the documentation:
Documentation is the most vital part while transporting a dead body. A ton of documents is required along with government permissions which take much time. However, when you have partnered with us, everything seems feasible. We make sure to fulfill all the documentation requirements, so you do not have to wait to take the dead body for a funeral.

Every country has its own set of documentation and it can vary a lot. We understand the complete process for we have done it several times and learned the process.

We are cost-competitive:
We have managed to set funeral shipping charges that are affordable. We believe in assisting you at every step, which forced us to keep the charges less while sustaining state-of-the-art services.
We serve locally and globally:
HI Flying Air Ambulance- Repat wing can arrange everything on local or global levels. We have a connected network across the globe that helps us in making the process fast. The right readiness for transporting the deceased is guaranteed if you rely on us. Additionally, we appoint supervisors for added convenience in the case of international flights.

Required Documents for Funeral Shipping

  • Death Certificate from the hospital

  • Embalming Certificate 

  • Dead body should be sealed in air-tight coffin box (Sealant Certificate)

  • NOC (No Objection Certificate from respected Country and Local Police)

  • Photo Identity Card  (Driving License, Original Passport, Electoral ID Card)

  • Clearance Letter from Airlines (For International Shipping)

  • Complete Details of the consignee who will be responsible for the delivery

  • Flying Air Ambulance helps you in getting most of these certificates- including all formalities with embassies and Airlines.

If your loved has expired abroad in a foreign land, we can provide help for speedy and legal transportation of the mortal remains, human ashes or help with cremation formalities.

Call us or email us.

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