Customer Complaint Resolution Policy

Effective handling of Customer complaints is an important part of our organization and is a reflection of the conduct of the personnel within the organization.

A Complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction made by our patient/relatives/representatives in regards to the services offered in terms of medical transportation.

HI Flying has a policy in place -

  1. To resolve the Complaints in a timely manner.
  2. Complaints acts as a tool to improve our service delivery in future.
  3. Complaints are taken on a positive note so the confidence of our clients - whether individual patients, hospital, corporate or an Assistance company/Insurance company is maintained in future.

Steps -

  1. To resolve the Complaints in a timely manner.
  2. All complaints received by email or letter are attended to immediately and responded in a timely manner.
  3. All complaints are addressed in fair, neutral and confidential manner.
  4. All complaints are handled at no charge to our end client. It is free and fair.
  5. All complaints are accepted in all languages and our in-house translation team translates to English and matter resolved within a time frame and resolution is provided in all languages - English being the primary language of communication.
  6. All complaints - small or significant are handled and resolved by the Medical Director himself.
  7. We maintained confidentiality in all aspects of complaints including the complainant and any other people who are the subject of the complaint.
  8. If the complaint is found true, we provide a remedy to the complaint.
  9. There are ways to appeal about HI Flying resolution to the complaint and the complainants are informed about these avenues.
  10. We consider complaints in a positive note as a source of improvement for our organization. We analyse and if the complaints are recurrent - we take steps to identify areas of dissatisfaction and improve on the same so that future complaints are deleted in that aspect of transportation.
  11. All complaints are filed for future review for a period of minimum 5 years and information available on request.

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