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U.S.Government Renews its Warning for U.S. Citizen
Jane W | 05-01-2019 09:33:46 am
air medevac china train ambulance USA China Shanghai Medevac China to United States Air Ambulance Flight Travel advisory Help for US Citizen in China China to USA Air Ambulance China to USA Medevac USA Citizen of Chinese Origin
U.S. Government Renews its Warning for U.S. Citizens Traveling to China  This Thursday, the U.S. Government renewed its travel advisory regarding travel
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Transport a Patient with Hepatitis C & Drug Abuse
Vinny B | 03-01-2019 12:58:15 pm
medical escort flying air ambulance medevac medical ambulance air medical transportation emergency medical flight drug overdosage drug abuse patient Hepatitis C patient Travel with a drug addict
Screening our Patients for Hepatitis C And Drug Abuse  When people seek help at a drug treatment center for opioid addiction, concerns about having cont
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Transfer of a critically ill child on Flight
Archana N | 02-01-2019 05:53:21 pm
medical flight neonatal air ambulance babypod baby incubator baby with congenital heart disease Baby transfer in flight Pediatric transfer Dubai Medevac Dubai UAE to United States
Transfer of a critically ill child on Commercial flight to the USA A child is one of the best gifts given to anyone by God. There can be nothing more painful
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