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Yoga and US Military veterans - Post trauma Stress


Yoga and US Military veterans

Overcoming PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Men in Uniform turn towards yoga — often taught by veterans — as an element of their workout routine and veterans turn to the practice for therapeutic applications.
To an observer of either military service or the practice of yoga, the path from Oorah to Om may not have any connection.  But the intersection of yogi and veteran is natural, beginning with the five classic yoga poses known as warriors.

While military personnel makes up a significant percentage of yoga instructors, their ranks are growing. Many men in uniform now often include yoga, sometimes taught by veterans, as a natural element of their workout routine, and veterans turn to the practice for therapeutic benefits. The Department of Veterans Affairs has successfully used yoga to help treat opioid addiction and post-traumatic stress disorders.

Air Ambulance from USA Military Base - Diego Garcia

A lot of military personnel have post-traumatic stress disorder,” said Thierry Chiapello, who served in the Marines and now teaches yoga at the National Defense University in Washington. “By lengthening the exhalation of breath, this gets people out of those fight-or-flight instinct that  has been draining them,” he continued, putting them in a mode of “rest and recovery that definitely is associated with lesser aggressive behaviors.”

Military personnel long schooled in discipline and concentration, also make excellent yoga teachers, both to other  military personnel and fellow colleagues, whose experiences they understand and to active-duty military members, whose trust they often gain and to whom they feel connected. They are also becoming a part of the civilian yoga studios in the United States, where students are usually attracted to their compassionate yet frequently no-nonsense disciplined approach.

More Information on Yoga and Recovery from PTSD - Planned evacuation from USA Military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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