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USA Citizen-Heart Attack Business Tour to China


Heart Attack during Business Tour to Shanghai China

Traveling on various business tours may seem an incredible experience, but is equally exhausting at the same time. Being a frequent traveler, I agree with this situation. I am Ron from Lake George (New York), and I am deployed as the marketing head in a reputable firm. My job is all about traveling to different countries while expanding the client base of the organization I work for. Everything was beautiful that day, and I was sent to Shanghai (China) for a business tour. My company has promised me a promotion if I bag this deal and to my fortune, I was able to do so. The meeting went extremely fine, and I was able to set a contract with the clients.

Compromising my sleep turned fruitful and rewarding for me. After the meeting, I came back to my hotel for a quick meal and a short nap before going to the airport for flying back to the USA. While having my lunch, I felt surrounded by dizziness and short breath. In my initial thoughts, I thought that this is all because I took the way from the stairs and had not slept overnight. Suddenly, the short breath turned to a large extent, and I started feeling immense pain in my chest. Without wasting any seconds, I called the hotel reception and resided the whole thing which was happening to me. Suffering from a medical emergency can be frightening and daunting if you are traveling aboard as there are language barriers. Luckily, the receptionist was able to understand what I said, and she sent immediate medical help. I was lying on the floor while taking deep breaths to calm down.

The hotel’s medical team came for the inspection and told me that I had suffered a heart stroke. Listening to these words made me even un-comfortable and unconscious as I have a wife and a 7-month-old baby who was waiting for me. The doctors said that they don’t have enough medical instruments to deal with the heart attack and they prepared me to shift to the nearest hospital. A sequence of prior treatment was carried out, and the amount of pain I was suffering from became less. I only remember that I was kept in the emergency ward and a team of doctors was examining me. The day opened my eyes, and I was shifted to the general ward and on questing the staff told me that I had undergone heart surgery and my company and family are informed about it. 

The regional manager of my company soon arrived to see me and assured that everything is fine and they are taking care of my wife and baby.  The doctors said that I could be transported to my home but the airlift needs to be critical and I need an air ambulance. On scrutinizing a lot and after taking many permissions, a chartered ambulance landed at the Shanghai International Airport.

The air ambulance aircraft was well equipped with all the types of equipment needed if something goes out of the flow. The paramedical team took charge and boarded me to the plane. The flight took off and landed nearby to my city. My wife (Sandra) along with our baby was already waiting on the destination with an ambulance to take me home. The whole experience was spine-chilling. Being a victim of some disease if you are far from your family makes one very weak. Thankfully, there are air ambulance services, which made it possible to transport me to home in such a critical condition

“The air ambulance team is the real hero, and we are very grateful to how they handled the situation and took me to my home, safely.

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