Travelling to a remote location-Medevac Flight from Nepal Kathmandu to the USA

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Travelling to a remote location-Medevac Flight from Nepal Kathmandu to the USA


Story- Travelling to a remote location alone - My Travel Insurance was lifesaving

Traveling solo can give you the ultimate freedom. When you wake up, it's just you — what you want, where and when you want. In that infinite space of possibility and freedom, you meet the inner you. My name is Becky and I am from NewYork, I decided to travel solo to Nepal as I thought I would be able to hit the limits of whatever I like to do.

I thought that it would be a great experience of either a sink or swim and will also learn how to survive alone— how to make friends, who to trust, how to find your way alone. I wanted some personal growth, become a little more independent, more confident, and wanted to get in tune with my emotions and desires.

It was 5th of April when I had my flight to Nepal. I was really excited as it was my first solo trip and was not easy for me. I had all the hotels and flights booked before reaching there as I did not want to take a chance as I was traveling alone.

I reached there next day and checked in to the hotel, the people were really superb and the hospitality given by them was amazing. The culture was really different as compared to the USA. The weather was really pleasant and I was enjoying the sun there, the personages were very affectionate and the places that I was visiting had a really great history.

On the fifth day of my vacation, I came back to the hotel for having lunch and taking a nap before I go to visit another place in the evening. I just had lunch; my head started to pain and I started puking. I thought that it might be because of tiredness or stress at this age. But it got even worse, so I called the hotel reception. 

Fortunately, the hotel staff was really supportive and they called the hotel medical team for check up as my headache was killing me and my vomits were not stopping. They gave me some medicines and injections which worked for a short period of time and then it started again.

They took me to the nearest hospital so that they could get my proper treatment done. I was feeling really agitated as I had none of my knowns around me. Getting ill outside your country can be a nightmare as there are language barriers so it becomes difficult to explain your problems. 

They took me to the nearest hospital and got all my tests done so that they could know the root cause of my problem. With the help of their treatment, I was feeling better but still, I was not feeling good about my health. I was admitted to the hospital and when the reports came it was the most shocking day of my life as I never expected to see such an outcome.

The doctors told me that I was suffering from a brain tumor and had to go to a different city as it was a small town and the treatment could not be done there. They said that it needs to get operated quickly as it was on a very critical stage but I decided to come back to the USA to get my treatment done as was not in a situation to travel so much from one city to another and then to the USA. 

I was feeling really lonely as had no one there to support or encourage me about it. The doctors said that it was possible for me to be transported to my country but I would need an air ambulance.

Proper care and a constant check was required and it was not possible for me to travel alone in a normal plane. After proper investigation and research, I booked an air ambulance of India. The air ambulance was well versed with the equipment that was required and their paramedical team took proper care of me and boarded me to my country.

I got operated there and am absolutely fit now, all thanks to the air ambulance services who made this journey possible for me in such a censorious situation.

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