Transfer of patients with Spinal Cord Injury

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Transfer of patients with Spinal Cord Injury


Transfer of patients with spinal cord injuries

Spinal cord injury usually results in disastrous neurologic disability. Patients need significantly accelerated care and medical expertise to optimize outcome. Not only this, patients who have serious spinal cord injury usually have months of rehabilitation and treatment at hospitals and in centers which specialize in spinal cord injury. 

There are chances that these centers are located far off from where the patient received the first care. Once the patient's health stabilizes, air ambulance with fixed wings is one of the best options for taking the patient to the new treatment center which might be hours away.

Utmost patient care during transportations

The motive while taking a patient with the spinal cord injury to a different place should always be that the transport is safe and there is no further injury or negative impact on patient’s health. A service provider should always keep in mind the patient’s comfort and stability, as it is of utmost importance and also keep a check that the spinal motion during transport is limited. 

One of the serious concerns is pulmonary complications, so the airplane ambulance providers should keep in mind that they provide respiratory monitoring in the flight as well. Not only this, a constant check on blood pressure and cardiac is necessary as patients who suffer from spinal trauma can be at risk of developing embolisms. These injuries can also lead to bladder and bowel disorders which should be managed properly.

Intensive care of patients with spinal injuries should comprise of extrication, initial resuscitation, immobilization, and quick transport of the patient to the medical center with the ability for examination and treatment. It is said that less favorable result, extended hospitalizations, and increased costs are comrades with postponed transportation of spinal injury patients to a definite treatment center.

Patient support during air medical transport

Taking a lot of stress while onboard can also have an unfavorable effect on the patient's health, so the medical staff should be trained efficiently so that they can make the patients relax.  If a family member also accompanies the patient, it can help in making the transfer smooth and favorable in respect of the patient.

Experts say that neither land nor air transport has been proclaimed in history to unfavorably upset the outcome of spine-injured patients when it was properly executed. The issues occurred when spine-injured patients had a failure during airplane transport or developed respiratory distress. Doctors also say that if patients with cervical SCIs might have acutely reduced pulmonary execution, measures to optimize humidification, oxygenation and pulmonary function should be undertaken. Improved neurological results with fewer problems have been reported if an early and fast transfer is done to a specialized SCI center.

Secure and the fastest patient transfer

Choosing the apt way of transportation from the location of injury to the treatment facility center for a patient reckons on the patient's clinical circumstances, geography, distance, and availability. Air ambulance (helicopter or fixed-wing plane) is one of the prime modes available for transportation of a spinal injury patient. The aim is to facilitate secure and effective transportation without any adverse effect on patient’s health. These aspects provide the explanation to create a medical evidence-based protocol for the transportation of patients with intense spinal cord injuries.

Choosing the best air ambulance service

So, the patients with acute cervical spinal injury should be quickly and rigorously transported from the location of injury to the nearest possible care medical facility. You should make sure while choosing the air ambulance service that it should have the proficiency to successfully move patients with the spinal cord injury, also it should have a bed to bed service. 

The aircraft should be well versed with all the medical pieces of equipment which are needed to manage the patient's requirement during the flight. 

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