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Solo Female Traveler with Malaria goes home


Solo Female Traveler to Thailand with Malaria flies back Home to India in an Air Ambulance.

Infectious disease

There are times when you want to make pleasant and memorable memories on your vacation, as most of us want to experience the same on our trip. But, I did not know about an unfortunate event that was about to happen with me on my trip. I am Angelina  D’Souza and I was going to Thailand from India. It was a 7 days trip. It was a solo trip as usual as I love traveling solo. It gives me a great sense of feeling and my interaction becomes a lot more with people whenever I travel solo which I love the most. 

My flight landed to Phuket at 2 pm in the afternoon. The hotel that I had already booked online was not very far from the airport. As soon as I reached the hotel it gave me so many positive vibes as the staff was really humble, rooms were very clean and maintained. My hotel was at beachside, so I used to go to the beach in the evening almost every day. I had also made a couple of friends there who were localities. 

My 4 days routine was to wake up early in the morning. Explore the city and beaches. Come back to the hotel around 7 pm. Relax and have dinner then have a profound sleep. But who knew that on my 5th day, something dreadful is going to happen. 

I wake up in the morning and was affected with fever and cold. I was sweating too though the ac of my room was on. I was feeling very uncomfortable. I asked the hotel staff to call the ambulance. I reached the hospital and the doctor asked me about how I was feeling. I told him everything. Then he did the body check up. When he told me that I had symptoms of Malaria I was startled at that point in time. 

Air Ambulance Thailand to India

Doctors informed me that symptoms of malaria start at least 10 days after the mosquito bite. He said it may be hard to understand what you have at first as the signs are very similar to flu and cold symptoms. He also added that it's not necessary that malaria symptoms always show up within 10 days. The blood test taken by the doctor confirmed that I was suffering from malaria. To make me aware for future he also informed me about other symptoms which may lead to malaria. Those symptoms were diarrhea, headache, being in a fatigued state, yellow skin from losing red blood cells, kidney failure, seizure or body aches. I was anemic and given blood transfusion.  I was really distressed and wanted to go home immediately.

I took one-day treatment in the hospital. I wanted to go home badly but I was not in a situation that I could go home in a commercial flight. So I got to know about the Air Ambulance service from Bumrungrad Hospital. My parents booked the services of HI Flying - Air Ambulance India from their Mumbai Office. The following day I was surprised to see the air ambulance team by my bedside and taking care of my hospital bills and arranging a ground ambulance to take me to the airport. They were fast and efficient.

The Ground ambulance took me to the airport and escort me to the air ambulance. The air ambulance staff was very efficient as the time I was flying from Thailand to India it went as smooth as it could be at that point. There were all the types of equipment, some of them were not even required. The staff was full of expert doctors, nurses, and helpers. When I was about to reach Mumbai India, I was feeling much better than before.

I was admitted to the Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital. I took the proper treatment there. Today, I am absolutely fine. I am really pleased with the air ambulance staff and services due to which I am perfectly healthy now.  

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