Rescue Helicopter for Medevac - Air Ambulance in the Himalayas and Nepal

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Rescue Helicopter for Medevac - Air Ambulance in the Himalayas and Nepal

Rescue Helicopter - Air Ambulance Service

The main purpose of the Rescue helicopters consists above all of taking a qualified emergency doctor as quickly as possible to a seriously injured or ill person since the time factor plays a decisive role in any rescue service. By shortening the time at which therapy can be made available it is possible to reduce complications and thereby saving a life.

Hi Flying - Air Ambulance International offers rescue helicopter service for patients with serious medical conditions or for those experiencing a medical emergency. When the life of a loved one or patient is on the line, you can’t risk slow transportation or unreliable transfer methods to get them to wherever they need to travel for care. Instead, you need experienced medical professionals, trained pilots, and specialized aircraft, all prepared to ensure that the patient is transferred as quickly as possible while still receiving the care they need while in transit.

No matter where your patient or loved one is located, Hi Flying - Air Ambulance International can help. With a base in the United States and hubs in cities around the world, including Hong Kong, Singapore, and Dubai, our aircraft can be dispatched in as little as two hours. Our professional staff works with you from the start to coordinate every detail of the transfer. They start by obtaining a full medical report for each patient. They then use this information to choose the proper transport method, arrange for any specialized medical equipment, and to choose the proper care team for the flight.

Each care team is led by a medical director, as well as several medical professionals. The team may include a doctor and a nurse, a nurse and a paramedic, or a doctor, nurse, paramedic, and RT team. Every member of Hi Flying - Air Ambulance International’s staff is multilingual and visa-ready so that they can be dispatched on short notice and care for patients from anywhere around the world. Each medical professional has ICU/CCU experience, as well as advanced experience working on medevac flights. A medical insurance expert will also work with you to ensure that you get the necessary compensation and coverage for your flight.

Hi Flying - Air Ambulance International operates a fleet of air ambulances, each equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment, including life-saving gear, emergency medications, oxygen, aeromedical stretchers, and more. Not only will the proper flight and medical equipment be coordinated for you, but every other aspect of travel will also be planned and scheduled, including ground transportation, customs and immigration clearances, coordination with receiving hospitals or medical facilities, and all other aspects of travel.

When your loved one or patient is in need of emergency medical care, you need to choose a medevac service that is fast and reliable. Hi Flying - Air Ambulance International offers superior support and care to patients in any medical condition. Besides emergency helicopter rescue via medevac, Hi Flying - Air Ambulance International also offers chartered medical flights, aeromedical stretcher coordination, and medical escort service on commercial flights.

HI Flying flies Rescue Helicopters mainly in the Himalayan ranges in India and Nepal.

Medevac Helicopters are useful for patient transportation in the Philippines - which is a collection of over 7500 islands and limited runway access in most islands.


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