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Pneumonia patient from Hong Kong to UK


The story of a pneumonia patient who was transported from China - Hong Kong - to the United Kingdom UK.

I was really excited when my parents told me that we were going outside the UK to some other country as it was my first international trip abroad. We planned a trip to Hong Kong in which we were also visiting a beautiful city in China that is Shenzhen. We were going there for 7 days in which we were staying in Shenzhen for 4 days and last 3 days were planned to explore Hong Kong. It was a family trip consisting of my mom, dad, and younger brother. My name is Eliza Miranda and I am 18 years old. We were totally unwitting of the troubles which we shall be experiencing in that trip. 

Our flight was on 2 am early in the morning from Heathrow airport. We reached Shenzhen airport at 1 pm. It was bitter cold in Shenzhen. We already booked our hotel through a travel agent. Our hotel taxi was waiting for us at the airport. We were not very satisfied when we reached the hotel as whatever it was showing online, the property was not that pleasing. Though the staff of the hotel was helpful and the rooms were just average. We took some rest on the 1st day but on the other 2 days, we were just touring from day to night. 

We did not know that on our 4th day of the trip, it will become a hazardous situation especially for me and for all of us. The last day in Shenzhen I woke up a bit late as I was attacked with severe cold and cough. My head was paining too much and was having a body ache. I was feeling so paranoid that time, I could not even express my feelings. My dad called our hotel reception to call an ambulance. As such there was no multi-specialty hotel in Shenzhen so the ambulance took me to a hospital which was in Hong Kong. 

I reached the hospital.  A team of doctors and nurses came for the complete body checkup. I was feeling feverish that time. Doctors told us about the flu symptoms which they could observe in me. The reports justified their statement as the germs that were developed within the body had caused cold and even the lungs got infected down within which had caused the flu. After analyzing all the reports, they told us these are the symptoms of pneumonia.

Doctors informed us in these cases when flu turned into pneumonia, the patient might feel better after giving certain medicines but then you could start getting symptoms again which will be a lot more harmful in that case. They also briefed us about pneumonia symptoms which were (so that in future before leading to this kind of disease, prevention could be done in the beginning) -

Chills that make you shake, feeling very tired, lips and fingernails turning blue, low appetite, confusion (in older people), high fever up to 105, feeling like you can't catch your breath especially when you move around a lot, sweating a lot, sharp or stabby chest pain (you might feel it more when you cough or take a deep breath), coughing out greenish, yellow, or bloody mucus, fast breathing and heartbeat.

Medevac from Hong Kong to the United Kingdom

My dad wanted to take proper treatment for me from his hometown that was London. He asked the doctors can I travel to the UK. Doctors gave permission but instructed that we need a medical doctor escort in flight as they did not want to take any risks. The doctors immediately called the air ambulance service, to arrange a doctor escort. My dad booked the flights for all of us. The medical escort doctor was waiting for us at the airport. We left from the airport in the flight with that doctor. I must appreciate the escort doctor's work and patience until the time we reached London. I was feeling quite better under the guidance of that medical doctor escort. 

Once I reached back, I took proper treatment in the hospital for 4 days. I continued the medication as per the doctor's instructions. Now I am perfectly fit and fine. I did not imagine that being in so miserable situation, I had to go to Hong Kong ever in my life. Anyways it does not matter, all's well that ends well! 

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