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Patient transport compartment in Lufthansa-German Airlines


Patient transport compartment in Lufthansa - A Premier Airlines of Germany

PTC in Lufthansa

Lufthansa’s PTC is the only intensive care unit of its kind, available on long-haul flights to and from Frankfurt. The PTC is a closed space with top-quality equipment, making it the equivalent of an ICU at 33,000 feet.

Patient Transport Compartment can be a suitable alternative for an Air Ambulance Flight.
If the patient is critical and the patient cannot afford an Air Ambulance flight, PTC on Lufthansa is a good alternative for a Medevac flight.
They offer more equipments and better privacy for the more critical patients.
PTC is more like an ICU on a wing of a Commercial airline.

Lufthansa has customized a PTC in view of critical patient flying. The number of stops is lesser than a traditional small jet Air Ambulance.  That’s why Lufthansa has incorporated a Patient Transport Compartment in some of their select flights. 

Patient Transport Compartment in Lufthansa Medevac
The Flying ICU
The patient compartments at Lufthansa can be termed as flying ICUs. These medical rooms are equipped with all the amenities needed to treat patients with severe healthcare issues. In some cases, stabilizing the patient before the flight is not a feasible option at that specific geographical location.

So it’s better to transport them to a place where good medical services are available. The patients with polytraumas with fractures, Serious Heart issues, Post-surgery complications and other such conditions are not able to travel on Business or First class and small traditional stretchers. 

For these people, Patient Transport Compartments from Lufthansa become an immediate need. This airline can offer some more room. You have to pay significantly extra to avail this extraordinary facility but it can be worthwhile and lifesaving for the patient. 

An economical way
It’s not news that personal care and private air ambulance can cost you more in longer journeys. The charge of fuel, medical accommodations, and other additional costs make it a  significant amount.

However, with a Patient transport compartment, patients can avail quality services of a private Charter Air Ambulance at a more affordable cost. Also, these patient transporting compartments at Lufthansa are fast, and HI Flying Air Ambulance International can take clearances on these flights within a short period of time.

Just board the patient with the utmost care, and everything is done. This service is best suitable for patients who do not have enough time to wait. It is also suitable when there is no medical air ambulance available.

Transporting the Most Critical Patient.
Not every patient has a similar medical condition; some of them require extra medical accommodations for a safe flight. Thankfully, patient compartments at these flights are capable of carrying additional advanced medical equipments like Multiparameter monitors, pulse oximeters and ventilators.

There is enough oxygen flow rate for the most serious patients.

Onboard emergency handling
The crews associated with medical transport compartments are seasoned with the best know-how to deal with any condition. The team could be a doctor nurse or a two doctor team. 
They are well versed with handling all Advance life-supports for the flight.

In conclusion
Air Ambulance services are the safest options to take patients towards their destinations. However, PTC can be a more affordable option for the 'Right Patient.'

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