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Myxedema Patient Transport-Mumbai India to London

Medevac of a Myxedema Patient from Mumbai to London on an Air Ambulance Flight

Myxedema Patient Transport - Mumbai to London

An elderly woman traveling to Mumbai for a Holiday falls ill and is evacuated back to the United Kingdom.

She forgot to take her thyroid medications causing exacerbation of the symptoms of hypothyroidism.
Over a period of few days - she developed symptoms of confusion, slowness, hypothermia and one fine morning became unconscious and fell into a comatose state.
She was admitted to the Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai India and underwent treatment.
However, her children back home in the UK wanted her to return since treatment in the UK in NHS Hospital was free for her.

Because of her critical situation, we arranged an Air Ambulance Charter flight on request of her children. The Learjet flight with her onboard flew from Mumbai to London Gatwick with one fuel stop. The aircraft was equipped with all lifesaving medical equipment and emergency medications and had a team of Anesthetist and an Emergency Nurse.

The patient was monitored throughout the journey and the travel was uneventful.
We also arranged a bed in one of her NHS Hospital and took care of the ground ambulance at the origin in Mumbai and destination in the UK.

To schedule an emergency transport service from India to the United Kingdom - Call us - +91 9821150889

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