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Medical evacuations in the Oil and Gas industry


Medical evacuations in the Oil and Gas industry from Remote Locations

HI Flying - Air Ambulance International is in the field of Medical evacuation.
We increasingly conduct evacuations from remote locations for the Oil and Gas industry.

We have developed a remote healthcare strategy whereby enhanced remote healthcare is made available to the patient through use of telemedicine and telemetry. 

A total of 87 Medevacs were conducted during the study period from 
2017 -2018, resulting in a Medevac rate of 4 per 1000 of the population with 10 per 1000 for females and 3 per 1000 for males, respectively. The very young and old required Medevacs in more significant proportions. The medevac rates were highest for countries classified as 'high' or 'extreme risk.' The most frequent reason for Medevac was: trauma, digestive, musculoskeletal, cardiac and neurological. 

In 12 % of the total, a strong to moderate link could be made between the pre-existing medical condition and diagnosis leading to Medevac.

The result of the study was fascinating.
 Medevac rates are highest in countries identified as ' extreme risk'; there is an age and gender bias, and pre-existing medical conditions are of significance. The reason for transfer has changed from injury to illness as in the oil and gas industry and demonstrates that diagnoses of a digestive and traumatic nature are the most frequent. A holistic approach to health as opposed to a predominant focus on fitness to work and more attention is needed for female travelers, and the application of modern technology and communication will reduce the need for Medevacs.

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