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Medical escorts and Medical Flight Services in the Philippines

Medical escorts in the Philippines - "Where every second count"

  • Medical Escorts in the Philippines- “Where every second count”

  • There is a beautiful quote by Gustav Flaubert –“Travel makes one modest “. 

    People today travel far and wide for vivid reasons. 

    Globalization has made people cross boundaries and travel from one place to another. 

    People relocate in other places or countries away from their family to keep up with the demand for their work. Students cross states or countries to fulfill their dreams of advanced studies. 

    Having said that, one may have to also face challenges related to health away from home and at times certain emergencies may arise. In the wee hours of such kind of emergency, it is all the more important to have more professional support to handle things with uttermost care, patience and moreover a quick service provision is of utmost importance. When it comes to repatriating patient’s, one from place to another, especially, in the case of international travel, there is a number of formalities involved. This involves the process of clearance of the patient’s medical condition, equipment clearance, medical paper clearance etc. 

    Repatriation of patient’s by Airbus is mostly done in cases where the person is stable enough to travel by air and has got necessary clearance by the airlines.

    If the patient is accompanied by someone, it becomes all the more important to keep the accompanying person too, stabilized and in control of the situation. In this scenario, medical escorts play a very pivotal role. 

    Professionally trained, equipped to handle the situation from ground to ground, these experts act as mediators for the patients and the hospitals. 

    Medical escorts involve a dedicated team of doctors, nurses, paramedics and respiratory therapists. The team should be well equipped with all the necessary medical kits, emergency medicines, oxygen cylinders. Also, the process should be smooth, cost-effective and with minimum hassles for the people involved in the process.

    Medical Escort Service in the Philippines

    The Philippines is a Southeast Asian country built-up of islands. It comprises of roughly around 7000 islands scattered across a total land area of 300,000 sq. km. The geography of the Philippines is complex. Due to these many numbers of islands, the tourist gets attracted to the Philippines in large numbers.

     Tourism being their major source of income, there are many airline services available. The major airline services being- Philippines AirAsia, Cebu Pacific, Philippines Airlines etc. Due to tourist getting attracted to this place, people often succumb to get ill, meet accidents at times. During such kind of emergencies, it becomes necessary to repatriate the patients to their country of origin with uttermost care and safety. Hereby, the medical escort service plays a pivotal role. The Medical escort service do ground to ground tie-ups with these airlines. Their dedicated team, get the required clearance for the medical condition of the patient, the documentation process, ground clearance, equipment clearance etc.

    The options available for the patients are-

  1. Traveling in a commercial flight in a business class
  2. Traveling in a commercial flight in an economy class 
  3. Chartered flights.
  • Further after repatriating the patient, all the more it becomes important to have a good team who can actually make understand the hospital organization about the medical condition of the concerned patient and at times in the native language.  Here the thing to be considered is, that the patient at times maybe not in a situation to tackle with the questions or explain the medical condition on his own. 
  • Hi Flying provides a one-click service to tackle this situation. All one has to do is, to login to their portal and provide their basic information and a brief on the medical condition. The administrative team immediately gets in touch with the patient. Their medical team conducts the pre-assessment of the patient to be repatriated. The necessary documentation for flying the patient is initiated. Due to their tie-ups in the Philippines with the major airlines, the process is smooth and seamless. The airport bases from where the air-ambulance operates are Diosdado Macapagal International Airport,  Francisco  Bangoy International Airport, Cebu International Airport, Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

    Due to this huge networking and tie-ups with the major international airports, HI Flying caters to the finest of services.

    The success stories of repatriating patients, as shared by the near and dear ones on their website is the example of their extraordinary services in this field.

    Saying that, when one has to choose the best services for the dearest people of their lives, one needs to careful while selecting the service provider. Specifically, it becomes all the way more important when the patient is an expat, in a critical medical condition or have traveled to someplace whereby the patient is not much aware of the local conditions and services available or has traveled to some remote location for holidaying. 

    In such conditions, experts have to be approached and as listed above HI Flying meets all the pre-requisites.

    When choosing a Medical Escort Service, one has to consider the best service provider; one who can cater to the best service with respect to time. Because here “every second count”.

    The service provider should help the patient for deporting not only by the airways but also ground services of the service provider has to be top class. 

    In the Philippines, due to the complex geographical conditions, the repatriation of the patients has to be met with both the conditions (air travel as well as ground travel). It is all the way more important that the patient reaches to the nearest medical center, hospitals in time so that their near and dear ones can take care of the patients and reach out to them at the earliest.

    HI Flying Air Ambulance provides excellent service in the Philippines with respect to all the above criteria’s discussed. The company established in 1996, has its mark in almost all the countries of the world.

    HI Flying Air Ambulance has evacuated patients for almost over 2 decades from different parts of the world to their desired location.  Headquartered in the USA, the company caters its services to many countries in South East Asia including the Philippines.

    The Philippines is a tourist destination and at times huge folk of tourists from various part of the world get attracted here because of various cultural festivals being celebrated in the region. Because of this, can arise an emergency medical situation of medically debilitating disease, accidents or calamities. Hi Flying team has expertise in handling all these situations from the past two decades. It has done remarkable work in the Philippines.

     The company has:

  • Air Ambulance

  • An excellent core team of Medical Escorts.

  • Commercial Airline Stretcher for patients

  • Chartered Services

  • Advanced Life Support Ambulance

  • Lifesaving Medical Equipment’s 

  • Hospital tie-ups with the best ones

  • Ground Ambulances

  • Emergency Medication kits 

  • Pediatric and Child Air ambulance transfer

  • Medical Flights

  • Aeromedical Travel

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