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Ideal Environment for disabled pregnant women

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Ideal Environment for disabled pregnant women

Often disabled people suffer inadequate healthcare services due to their inability to communicate, see, hear and access it. They too deserve if not more, at least equal rights to ace quality health services for sexual, maternal and reproductive healthcare services than those availed by and offered to normal women. But it is not the case!

 In most of the underdeveloped as well as developing nations, the percentage of right health care amenity availed by disabled women is pathetically less, which increases their sufferings to a higher magnitude. A study shows that disability affects a woman more than a man.

For example, disabled women from Tanzania suffer inadequate health care facilities.  A large section of the population of approximately 4.2 million people suffers disability there. They are elementary as well as healthcare requirements are ignored especially for an expectant mom.   Pregnant women with disability usually do not know about their own rights and surrender to their disability to more sufferings. They strive hard and often fail to correspond to the provider or their disability which may hinder them to avail those healthcare services.

 There are two ways out to the above problem of disabled, one of them is to communicate disabled about their rights. Whereas, another one is to build a comprehensive environment for pregnant women with disability to make their life easy and comfortable. 

Check out the features of a best and inclusive environment for pregnant women with disability. 

1. Include people with disabilities in the design of your programs

 The only patient can tell his/her suffering better, likewise if you want to design a complete and flawless programme, discuss with the members of the same community.  To understand their problems better and to the core, arrange a group discussion of women with disability to accentuate their experiences in procuring newborn and maternal health care. The only way to make women avail rights of all women is to give them a right to be heard in the design of healthcare services for them.

2. Train your teams

 To deal with folks of disability, it is vital that the team is first taught to respect the woman carrying baby in her womb despite of disability. Healthcare providers should primarily be taught to bear patience and tolerance as these beautiful ladies are special women with special needs. They should be trained in sign languages that are generally used by disabled to converse.

3. Invest in infrastructure

 They may not be able to walk normally on a ramp or upstairs. It’s hard to take them up the stairs too.  Buildings should have ramps for movement with wheelchairs, attendants to be with them whenever they are for treatment, restroom to relax while waiting in waiting area, adjustable installation bed and wards to accompany them to Doctor.

 Work yet to be done-

Above steps will result in improvement in maternal health care service and comfortability to patients to voice for themselves.  But this is not all; various other things too are yet to be done on papers as well on the ground.  We need to spread awareness about the rights of women at platforms easily accessible by disabled women and also need to emphasize on bringing change in behavioral approach of staff at healthcare.

The most effective way to ensure that programs are fully inclusive is to consult with members of the community you are aiming to serve.  The duties of healthcare staff towards disabled pregnant women must be well defined.  Norms for care must be crafted for women with distinct disabilities.

 Every mother has the right to be respected and avail of high-end healthcare services at the time of pregnancy. 


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