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Heart Attack in Palawan-Medevac to Manila


Spanish Patient had a Heart Attack and was Medevac to Manila Philippines by Air Ambulance Flight.

Anywhere you go in the world, business trips are exhausting. But spending leisure time with your loved ones even at home is the best thing. I planned a trip to the Philippines with my daughter and wife for 10 days so that we could enjoy the beautiful weather there and relax beachside with a soothing massage. It was a surprise for my daughter as it was her birthday on 20 December. 

We reached the airport on 18 Dec at Palawan Airport. We were very electrified as we wanted to make the most of it. The first three days were amazing. We went to the islands and the best tourist places to visit. We found the place really great, as the weather was amazing, the people there were very friendly and the ambiance was superb. 

We celebrated our daughter's birthday there and it was too much fun. But who knew the very next day our memorable vacation was going to turn into an unpleasant one. The fourth day we woke up and were planning to go to the famous island there. We reached there and were relaxing, and suddenly I started feeling dizziness. I thought maybe it is because of the exertion on the trip and due to less sleep. Abruptly, the short breath changed to a large extent, and I started feeling too much pain in my chest. I told this to my wife and she immediately called the staff there to help us. 

I was lying on the sofa while taking deep breaths to calm myself down as I was feeling very restless. The restaurant's medical team came for the inspection and told my wife that it was something acute and maybe a heart attack, so we immediately need to go to a hospital to get proper treatment. After this, my family became really nervous and tensed as suffering from any medical emergency is frightening and scary if you are aboard as there are language barriers and you are unfamiliar about the place.

Immediate treatment was required so we could not wait to go back to Spain. The doctors advised my family to call air ambulance for better services and safety. They quickly contacted air ambulance as I had to go to Manila. The air ambulance came and took me safely to the airport and with their help, it became really simple for me to travel. They allowed my wife and daughter to be with me. They had some of the best-trained staff and expert doctors to keep a constant check on my health so that it does not become inadequate. Their services were marvelous, and their staff made me and my family calm and assured better health.

Air Ambulance Philippines Manila

We reached Manila and an air ambulance had their local ambulance there to take me safely to the hospital. We reached the hospital and this was the most crucial journey I would have ever done. I remember that they kept me in the emergency ward and a few doctors were examining me. They said that I need to get the heart surgery done. I had to undergo the bypass surgery and I was shifted to the general room after 3 days and I was feeling really better. 

But still, I was not in the condition to travel so for a few days we were there and once I was felt great then we planned to come back to Spain. So after a week we came back and felt great returning home. But the vacation would turn so frightening we had never thought that. Fortunately, with the aid of air ambulance services, I am fine today as they helped me and saved my life by safely transporting me to Manila from Palawan.  

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