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Health Insurance coverage for Air Ambulance

Health Insurance coverage for Air Ambulance

Does your health insurance cover air ambulance charges?

The perks and coverage of insurance for air ambulance flights always remain as one of the most asked and unanswered questions. Insurance can be very complicated as there are many documentation processes, which have multiple rules and regulations. It’s crucial for you to know whether your insurance covers air medical transportation charges in case you need one.

You have to choose the right insurance provided to make sure that you don’t pay the air ambulance charges which can break your bank if you travel to an abroad destination for your treatment. Below mentioned are some pointers that need your strict attention if you are planning to have insurance.

Insurance Rule for Air Ambulance Service

You will only be able to get air ambulance help with your insurance if the situation is confirmed as medically necessary by a licensed care provider or a doctor. You do not have the option to choose whether you need an air ambulance or not.

Your doctor needs to stamp the fact that ground medical help is not able to help you in any way and you need to be airlifted to other city or country for further treatment. Many insurance providers thoroughly review this approval before clearing the cost of air ambulance flight.

Out-network or in-network Services

Once the doctor has approved that you need an air ambulance, it’s up to you and your insurance provider to decide if you need out-network or in-network services. Some insurance providers refund 100% claims, on the other hand, some providers have a specific claim percentage if you opt for international treatment. The claim percentage can be even low as 15% of the total airfare.

You can review the insurance document before signing the deal and look for the charges they agree to reimburse in such situations. So, there is no possible hotchpotch in medical emergencies.

Does medical insurance incur all costs?

It depends on the type of medical insurance you have opted for. Air ambulance transportation incorporates charges like a per-mile charge, liftoff charge etc. Your insurance company has to decide what costs are included in the whole process.

Like some providers offer comprehensive claim say- shifting to the airport and transporting you to the hospital. This means you only have to pay a small portion, your medical insurance provider takes rest of all care.

What are the charges of international air ambulance services?

The transportation fare entirely relies on the services you opt for and the distance you have to cover. If you are seeking international treatment, then the cost can raise. While in the case of inter-city transportation, the charges will be less.

Most of the Indian health insurances do not cover foreign travels, so you need to get prepared in the cases you need an air ambulance. Always keep in mind on the time of traveling abroad to opt for traveling insurances, as you can get reimbursed air ambulance services which can be of a great help overseas. While talking about foreign insurance cover, you will find an option for air ambulance claim which is a plus point. 

Before calling an air ambulance service, ask them for a detailed quotation and discuss it with your insurance provider. This quotation will help to know how much amount the provider will refund you.

Health Insurance and Air Ambulance coverage for you.

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