Need an Air Ambulance flight from Riyadh Saudi Arabia to the United States

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Need an Air Ambulance flight from Riyadh Saudi Arabia to the United States

Air Ambulance flight from Riyadh Saudi Arabia to the United States

Medevac services for expatriate patients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to destinations in the United States.

The relationship between Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and the United States has always been interesting. It is growing cordial from its start. It all began in 1931. That was a special moment between the superpower of the world and a traditional Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They are very much peculiar in all their interests, yet they became allies. Saudi Royal Family had special relationships with most of the Presidents of the United States of America. However, there are no less for controversies. There are still many issues festering. 

Full-Fledged diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and the United Nations of America developed since then. The bilateral relations between these countries are on a wide range of issues. The issues include security, stability and global and regional development. Moreover, it also stands as a strong partner in security and counter-terrorism. National Security interests are also inline. On these lines of Cooperation and Renaissance, the medical department also seems to open its wing wide open between Saudi Arabia and the United States. Got a clue? Air Ambulance Services have now opened its wings between these two countries now. 

The United States of America used the medical flights for the first time during the war period in 1926 for the nation's army. The air ambulance was first used by the US in the 1970s undertaken by the Maryland State Police Aviation program. The very first civilian operation of the air ambulance took place in 1972. And here we have now taken, to save thousands and thousands of people in the whole world.

What is this Air Ambulance? Why is it very special? Yes! It is special. It saves people life in time. It has the following features to make it happen. 

  • Air Ambulance Advance ICU support.
  • Medical escort 24/7
  • Multi- specialty
  • Air- Nurse and Doctor 
  • ICU to ICU transfers
  • Ventilator department 
  • Cardiac emergencies
  • Multi- trauma cases 
  • Spinal cord and Spine injury
  • Transplant recipient patients 
  • Baby and children emergency
  • Medical Attention


Are Air ambulances so worthy for to be in between two nations? What are the benefits do they actually provide? The very name is sophisticated. Is it for people with money? Does it still provide benefits being costly? We will know all this later. Air ambulances are very fast and safe. They bring patients on time whether to the hospital or go home. They are cost effective. It shows the advancements in the field of medicine and the care for the patients.

Medical Air Service, for instance, makes the whole world connected. It has spread its services to most of the parts of the world. They assist in time and save precious lives. They are available round the clock. Their services reach all the needy irrespective of the insurance and other formalities. They do all the sophisticated clearances between countries and make the bed to bed service possible. The 24/7 medical services include bed to bed service, air medical escort, ground ambulance service, services for international patients and VIP patient services. This is an international one.


Saudi Arabia itself has Air Ambulance Aviation. It serves both national and international sectors with ICU facility. It has air ambulance flights, air ambulance helicopters, and highly equipped devices for disaster management and rescue operations. Saudi Arabia is even ready for a space mission with its air ambulance. It has all the ICU facilities within and many more. We shall see many other service companies that provide air ambulance services. Another service is Hi Flying. 

Hi Flying – is a Saudi Arabia Air ambulances company. But geographically Saudi Arabia is a difficult country to access by air ambulance. Yet they have conquered all the hardships to make the service possible. These air ambulances can make the patient to another hospital of their choice. They fly both charter and commercial flights along with the medical team to all destinations which also includes the US. They do not stop with just the transportation. They also arrange for ground transportation and hospital admission and discharge. They also take care of the visa services of international patients. They do not serve just individuals. They also take care of Individuals, corporate and insurance.

HI Flying - Air Ambulance International has medevac services for the International patients admitted in Riyadh Dammam or Jeddah - major hospitals for taking them back home to the United States. These services include both Commercial and Charter flight options depending on patient needs and affordability. 

There are many surveys taken and most of them reveal that they are very costly and it is of no use to the poor and the people who are in actual need. It can’t be true when you miss the benefits you derive from many other sources. One should not deny that the cost involved in the air ambulance services is far more than one actually knows. The difficulties involved are all on the cost of the company and the just has to be accepted.

Nevertheless, there are charities to look after the needy to help them with air ambulances of the same standard. Air Ambulances of US is the national charity supporting the life-saving state of the art technology to the entire air ambulance services to reach out to all walks of people. But how does it make this possible as it involves a massive amount of money? They create a fundraising partnership with many of the rich organizations around the country. They also involve donors, trusts, and foundation for air ambulance charity.

Fact File of the Air Ambulances:

Every year from the US alone, air ambulances respond to emergency patients for every 90 seconds and they help 500 patients every year. In this total of 500, 150 patients are directly rescued from the accident sites and the remaining is from between the hospitals. Air ambulances are preferred and are popular as they are much faster than the ground ambulances. The services are so widely available so that 38 percent of the population gets access at a time in the air ambulances. Patients with a heart attack, trauma and strokes are mainly focused as they are the very critical patients. 

Health Insurances and Air Ambulances:

Usually, air ambulances are covered with health insurances. But mostly it is done in the time of emergencies. A doctor has to suggest for the sir ambulances to be necessary and also the patients when wants to be shifted to another immediate facility. But if the same is for convenience, then there is no insurance. The cost includes pre-flight medical evaluation, consultation with the patient's physician, flight stretcher, advanced flight security equipment, (oxygen, ventilator, etc.), monitors, defibrillators, IV equipment, and other medical supplies. One family member can accompany with no charge. 

Air Ambulance could be covered under the health insurance plan. One can an insurance company, employee benefits plan administrator or your insurance agent to see what air ambulance coverage you may have. If one doesn’t feel like the coverage is sufficient, then he asks the company for added extra coverage to policy for an air ambulance. You may also check if it is covered under a spouse's health insurance plan, or under domestic partner benefits. In cases like this, one could also look into reducing costs using the coordination of benefits.

Air Ambulances and Regulation:

Aviation Regulation and Administration of the respective countries take care of the Air Ambulances. Right from the permission of function to the conditions on function is taken care of by them. It looks for the entire sophistication and safety features required for the ultimate safe transit of passengers. The professional medicinal experts and personnel and their credibility also come into the picture for the sir ambulance firm to operate.

What a wide variety of tasks to be undertaken for the air ambulances! This state of the art should save millions and millions of people. The intricate complexities should involve a lot of people's support. This huge network has won people's heart as it has saved their loved ones.

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