Elderly woman who had a Heart Attack in Nairobi Kenya was airlifted back home to Dubai United Arab Emirates

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Elderly woman who had a Heart Attack in Nairobi Kenya was airlifted back home to Dubai United Arab Emirates

Air Ambulance Escort of a patient from Nairobi Kenya to Dubai UAE United Arab Emirates

An Elderly woman who had a Heart Attack in Nairobi Kenya was airlifted back home to Dubai United Arab Emirates


Nairobi, is the capital and largest city of Kenya. Nairobi has a population of about 3.36 million. Nairobi is the second-largest city by population in the African Great Lakes region after Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. According to the recent census,  3.5 million inhabitants live within 696 km2 .  The density of population is 4850 per square kilometer. Nairobi is the hub of business, administration and trade in Kenya.Nairobi, popularly known as “Green City in the Sun” has an amazing culturural vividness, which is unparalleled in any other city. The city is known for its beauty, cultural values, wildlife animal parks and is a prime location of tourism in the African subcontinent for many tourists throughout the world.

It’s economy enjoys the leading position in eastern and central Africa but yet 53% of its population lives below the poverty line. This severe poverty is mainly caused by unequal distribution of  economy, social inequality, government corruption, health problems, and along with this, there is water crisis too.

Healthcare facilities in Nairobi:

There are plenty of private hospitals, medical centers and individual practitioners  in and around Nairobi. As is the case in most part of Kenya, Nairobi too have varied types of healthcare centers but the facilities are not at par with the developed nations. Multi-speciality hospitals are few and it often becomes challenging for the locals and particularly the expats moving to Nairobi to avail proper healthcare services. Expats need to consider on their own their convenience and which facility best suits with their priorities and health needs. The major challenge for expats will be to decide where to seek treatment?


Major healthcare issues in Nairobi are:

  • Diarrheal Diseases.
  • HIV/AIDS & TB.
  • Neonatal diseases.
  • Other noncommunicable Diseases.
  • Cardiovascular diseases.
  • Nutritional Deficiencies.


Tourists, expats must consult their physician and undergo necessary vaccination before traveling to the country.

A traveler, Abdul Rashid from Dubai, recently was on a business cum family trip to Nairobi with his family members. He got struck in a very unfortunate condition. His mother suffered a massive heart attack and she was rushed  to the hospital. The family admitted her to the Aga Khan hospital. The hospital is located in the Eastern region of Nairobi. The resident doctor attended the patient and she was admitted to the ICU. Patient was critical but stable. Earlier too, she had suffered from such an heart ailment. The family was not very keen on continuing the treatment in Nairobi and wanted to shift her to the hospital in UAE(Dubai) at the earliest possible. They contacted the doctor of the hospital in Dubai whereby she was being earlier treated and in consultation with the earlier consulting doctor, it was planned to air transport the patient to UAE.

All arrangements were made by the family to fly her on a commercial flight in close co-ordination with the hospital staff. But unfortunately, there was a major showdown between the airport authorities and the workers of the airport and the passengers were stranded for hours. The family was in a lurch as, all the arrangements made were going to be strangled. Abdul contacted the Dubai hospital and they gave him the best advise to use a Medevac service, which will be the safest option for expatriating the ailing patient and under an emergency condition, this service is not disrupted.

They suggested Abdul to contact the Hi-Flying authorities, who are the best service provider in the UAE and hold special license authorized by the UAE authorities  for carrying out services and medical evacuation in/from all the countries of UAE . Almost every week they repatriate patient to and from UAE to different destination hospitals particularly to the eastern nations. They operate extensively in the Middle east countries and the South-east Asian countries.

The family got in touch with the authorities and the preliminary information and the medical condition of the patient was shared. Their team immediately initiated the formalities for the immigration of the patient. The airport authorities were contacted and the need of the hour was explained to them. They were also briefed about the Medevac evacuation option and the arrangements were initiated.

 Hi-Flying star features:


  • Hi Flying  have 2 decades of experience.
  • They provide medical emergency expatriation services on commercial flights, private air ambulances, Medevac services are also provided.
  • In case of a Medevac service availed, Medical evacuation is carried out  on an Air Ambulance flight like a Learjet Gulfstream or Citation jet happens in a well equipped and safe environment.
    The patient is accommodated in a specially fitted stretcher, secured to the cabin floor like passenger seats, with a mattress, linens, pillows, blankets and safety restraint.
  • The base of the stretcher is equipped with 7000 liters of oxygen, the vacuum suction, the air compressor to blend air with oxygen in the ventilator and the electrical inverter to supply electrical power to all life saving medical equipments. All medical equipments have internal batteries as back-up.
    The Flight Medical Team is a combination of Doctor Nurse,  a team of two Registered Nurses, Paramedics and Respiratory Therapists based on the patient clinical status and per the requirements of the particular case.
  • The team is experienced to handle an emergency situation like this. All Flight Medical Team members are qualified in ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support), ATLS (Advanced Trauma Life Support) and PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support.
  • Operates in countries which are geographically lacking w.r.t best infrastructural facilities or patient expatriation in case of crisis condition.
  • They are well equipped with the medical team( like paramedics, medical escorts- doctors, nurses).
  • The Medical Director himself supervises the entire process.
  • The staff is well trained, the Air Ambulance is well equipped with the best and modern equipment’s required for air transporting of a patient like Oxygen cylinder, Ventilator, emergency medical kits, commercial medical stretcher.
  • The tie-up list with commercial airlines for transfers of patients is enormous.
  • They have extensive and exclusive tie-ups with the hospitals as well.
  • Road and Rail Ambulance Services are available.
  • Most importantly, they provide services which are also pocket-friendly for the patient. They provide packages based on the situation and on the basis of a particular case study.
  • Hi Flying allows a relative of the patient to fly absolutely free with no additional charges incurred.
  • The paperwork involved in transportation is seamlessly done by their expert team with no burden on the family members, who can then completely focus on the well-being and up-keep of the patient.
  • The services are provided as per the economic suitability of the patient and options are provided as per severity of the case and the financial advantage of the family.
  • They also provide assistance for the medical claims if required by the patient or those who have not availed any medical insurance earlier.


Abdul, was relieved when he heard from the Medical team of Hi-Flying that the arrangements were all set and the patient can be air transported within a few hours. The team was quick and responsive. The patient was transported to the nearby airport and then was taken to the Air ambulance by means of a special stretcher. The Air ambulance was well equipped with all the necessary medical equipment’s. The special team of escorts deputed for this case were experienced enough and had handled such critical cases earlier. The documentation procedure was taken care of by their administrative team very efficiently.

On ground landing, the patient was taken by road to the Dubai hospital. The destination hospital was informed in advance about the arrival time in advance. The patient was repatriated safely and the family was happy that they have availed for the best chosen Air ambulance facility and the patient could reach the destination hospital on time.

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