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Patient Transport services from Dubai to various locations in Asia Middle East Africa Australia Europe and the United States

Air Ambulance in Dubai United Arab Emirates

HI Flying - Air Ambulance International provides Patient Transport services from Dubai to various locations in Asia Middle East Africa Australia Europe and the United States.

Dubai, a dream destination for many and most of us. The desired destination we want to be there once in our lifetime. The second largest emirate of the UAE Kingdom is located at the southern-east point of the Persian Gulf.
Dubai is a global city and business hub of the Middle East. A growing center for regional and international trade since the early 20th century, Dubai's economy today is a blend of trade, tourism, aviation, real estate, and financial services. 
Dubai has attracted the world through its large construction projects, world-class hotels, malls, gold souks, parks, entertainment areas and sports events. Actually, every nook and corner of Dubai is world class to say. The Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeira Island, Burj Al Arab hotel, Miracle Garden to name a few are magnificent marvels.
The population of Dubai today is estimated to be ~32 Lakhs. Out of which, 2/3rd population are permanent residents and balance are non-resident expats. Dubai boasts the tag of Switzerland of the Gulf with an economy ready to pay for luxury. An income tax-free economy attracts expats to live and work in Dubai. Quality of life is top notched, drool-worthy than any part of the world.
In the early 2000s, The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) promoted medical tourism with policies to create an environment that spurs growth in health care. The medical tourism in the UAE and especially Dubai has now become a global hub and favored destination of foreign patients seeking high-quality services.
Prestigious partnerships, Human resources, infrastructure, advanced health-care technologies, practices and standards make Dubai an attractive option. Meanwhile, Dubai Healthcare City occupies a space of more than 20 million square feet, attracting major American corporations and other institutions as key partners in numerous fields, such as pharmaceuticals. By 2020, Dubai is expected to have around 34 pharmaceutical and medical equipment plants, and the value of the private pharmaceutical industry in the UAE, currently estimated to be Dh5.9 billion, is expected to reach Dh25 billion in 2025.
According to official statements, currently there are 35000 health care professionals in Dubai, who speak more than 40 languages, and there are top-class health centers that offer treatment for a wide range of medical conditions. Just what the industry needed.

With the sky northing economy, comes a challenge for road traffic and congestion. Timely admission of a patient to a hospital from “Just in time to Must in time” requires means to overcome these hurdles. So, if there are a medical emergency and human life requires urgent immediate medical attention; the fastest & safest means of transportation becomes imperative.

From the above statistical data available, it is evident that the enormity of business is huge. There are millions of repats in Dubai.  In case of a medical emergency, those would like to get medical evacuation in their home country to be taken care by their loved ones. Also repats, with financial disadvantage would like to return to their respective country for treatment.

There will be cases, whereby the patient would like to get treated in Dubai, which is itself a hub to many world-class hospitals and medical practitioners.

In case of medical emergency of oneself, a loved one or a patient under the care of a medical center needs medical attention on an emergency basis, it is advisable to take the assistance of expert Air Ambulance services, who have all-around expertise in the entire process of repatriating the patient from ground to the destination desired.

Imagine a situation, where your near and dear one is running from pillar to post, to get the documentation done, arranging medical aids, ambulance. The process will not only be tedious, hectic but there are bound to be mistaken in the entire procedure since the person at that point of time maybe not in a correct frame of mind. Any delay in this may land up a non-emergency patient to an emergency condition which is not advisable.

There are many Air Ambulance services available from and to Dubai when we go through the web. But choosing the right service provider in this scenario is of uttermost importance.

How do I choose the correct service provider?

  • Go for the experienced players in case of an emergency situation.

  • Are they well equipped with medical team( like paramedics, medical escorts- doctors, nurses).

  • Do they offer travel on both commercial as well as chartered services if required?

  • Do they have tie-ups with international fliers and airports?

  • Do they have tie-ups with the destination hospitals?

  • Documentation for flying, shall be handled by their staff?

  • Pre-medical check, before evacuation, shall be handled by the service provider?

  • There may be the case, where the patient may not be insured, in such a scenario will the service provider be able to make urgent arrangements to get insurance documentation handled?

  • If the answer to all the questions are in “Yes”, then rest said, it’s best to choose this service provider.

Hi Flying Air Ambulance Internation is one of the renowned and experienced service provider in this sector. Headquartered in the US, it has its regional offices in India and UAE. The company has a niche in this sector.
The company is almost 2 decades old.

What are the services, Hi Flying provide:

  • They help those who can fly commercially but need professional assistance (medical escort)
  • They help those, who are in Dubai for some travel purpose and due to some emergency or maybe non-emergency medical situation needs to be repatriated.
  • They help stretcher-bound patients who want to travel on an international flight (stretcher flights).
  • They have a team of dedicated Medical Escorts who have a minimum of 5 years of experience in medical field and have served in to cater to emergency patients. The staff undergoes regular training and accreditation.
  • The Medical Director himself supervises the entire process.
  • Also, as discussed above, the staff is well trained, the Air Ambulance is well equipped with the best and modern machineries required for air transporting of a patient like Oxygen cylinder, Ventilator, emergency medical kits, commercial medical stretcher.
  • The patient category they transport are-Trauma patients, Neurologic considerations (like neurological condition is deteriorating, skull fracture), orthopaedic symptoms, patient with burns, drowning injuries etc.
  • .They have expertise in the repatriation of pediatric patients.
  • The tie-up list with commercial airlines for transfers of patients is enormous.
  • Road and Rail Ambulance Services are available
  • Repatriation of human remains is handled with uttermost excellence to Domestic and International Destinations.
  • Hi Flying has a 24/7 call center service available to attend to the requests for Emergency and Non-Emergency Patient Transportation.

Most importantly, they provide services which are also pocket-friendly for the patient. They provide packages based on the situation and on the basis of a particular case study.
Hi Flying allows a relative of the patient to fly absolutely free with no additional charges incurred.
The paperwork involved in transportation is seamlessly done by their expert team with no burden on the family members, who can then completely focus on the well-being and up-keep of the patient.
So after going through all the points, your answer to all the questions will be a “Yes” for Hi Flying Charter services.
Hi Flying Charters care for patients from Ground to Air to the desired destination. Where Every Second Counts, the team is equipped to handle the situation 24/7 & 365 days.

For more information - Call us or email us.

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