Air Ambulance Cost Guide for Medevac from the United Arab Emirates - Dubai and Abu Dhabi

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Air Ambulance Cost Guide for Medevac from the United Arab Emirates - Dubai and Abu Dhabi

A Guide to Air Ambulance cost from the United Arab Emirates to Other locations in Asia Middle East Africa Europe UK and the United States

A Guide to Air Ambulance Cost in the United Arab Emirates - Dubai Abu Dhabi Ajman Fujairah and RAK

HI Flying - Air Ambulance International does patient transportation from 

Dubai Abu Dhabi Ajman Fujairah and RAK to different locations in the world.

Patient is flown on both Air Ambulance Charter flight or by Commercial flight business class or stretcher class with ALS medical equipment and oxygen.

Air Ambulance cost can have wide variations.
The cost of an air ambulance will depend on your individual case
with prices depending on the following factors:  

  • The clinical condition of the patient
  • The patient's location and the distance they need to travel
  • The type of aircraft required
  • The number of medical staff required
  • The Medical equipments needed for the patient
  • Type of patient - Adult, Pediatric or Neonate
  • The airport landing fees
  • The journey required by ground ambulance
  • Other variable factors

The range of cost is decided by the patient clinical status which can a stable patient sitting on a wheelchair or a critical patient on ventilator and inotrope supports.

The patient can travel on a Business class seat with accompanying medical escort with basic monitoring which can be an economical mode of travel, or the patient may need a Commercial flight stretcher travel with Basic life supports and one Doctor Medical escort and one Nurse escort.

A critical patient will need a dedicated Air Ambulance dedicated charter flight with all advanced life support equipment more like an ICU on a wing.

The cost range of transport for a Business class travel can range from 9000 USD to 15000 USD and will depend on the distance of travel.
The cost range of transport of a Commercial flight stretcher can range from 20000 USD to 25000 USD.

Charter Medical Air Ambulance flights can cost 30000 USD - 200000 USD.

It will also depend if the aircraft is a turbo-propeller aircraft for short domestic sector or a long-range Jet aircraft.

There are large luxury aircraft like the Business Boeing Jets which can transport patients from Dubai to far off distance in Cleveland and Boston for higher care and treatment which can cost close to half a million dollars. This is only for the affordable few.

The high cost of Dedicated Air Ambulance flight is because of the Aircraft Aviation cost with the added value of fuel, medical team, medical equipment as well as the airport landing costs.

The larger jets will cost more than the smaller aircraft.
However, the larger jets would fly with lesser fuel stops compared to a smaller aircraft.

For example, an Air Ambulance flight from Dubai or Abu Dhabi to the United States will fly with four to five fuel stops with a small jet, but the same distance can be done in two to one fuel stops with a larger aircraft.

International charter flights require aviation permissions from countries where they overfly. 

Visa ready, qualified medical escorts are needed with specialized aviation training to accompany critical patients.

We strive to reduce the cost for our clients.

The major airports in the United Arab Emirates are as follows -


About 75% of transfers happen from these airports -

Al Bateen Executive Airport

Al Bateen Executive Airport is situated on the Abu Dhabi island. It is a world-class executive facility, providing services to chartered flights. The airport offers the following facilities:

  • Professional meet and greet
  • Hotel arrangements
  • Limousine services
  • Catering services through on-site catering company
  • Meeting and conference facilities
  • Fast and private baggage screening
  • Fast transit time.


Delma Airport

Delma Airport is located on the Delma island in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. It essentially serves the 6,000 residents of this 45-square-kilometre island by connecting them to the city of Abu Dhabi with a 45-minute flight.


Sir Bani Yas Airport

Operating since 2008, Sir Bani Yas Airport caters mainly to the tourists visiting the island. It is located 250km southwest of Abu Dhabi coast in the western region of Al Dhafrah. 


Al-Ain International Airport (IATA code: AAN)

Al-Ain International Airport is located in the Al Ain city of Abu Dhabi emirate. It is located 18km northwest of Al Ain city. It is operating since 1994 and serves nine destinations. The airport was originally built to serve 1,000 passengers per peak hour. It has a 4,000-metre runway and a parallel 4,000-metre taxiway that can double as a runway as needed.

Dubai International Airport (IATA code: DXB)

Dubai International Airport opened in 1960. Since then, passengers have grown by an average of 15 per cent per year. The airport serves more than 66 million people a year, flying them to over 260 destinations across 6 continents on more than 140 scheduled airlines. The airport has 3 terminals.

Terminal 3 is dedicated for use by Emirates Airline. It includes Concourse A, the world’s first and largest purpose-built facility for A380. 


Al Maktoum Airport (IATA code: DWC)

Al Maktoum Airport is located in the south of Dubai city. It is being designed to become the world's biggest airport with a capacity to handle more than 160 million passengers per year. It will also serve as a multi-modal logistics hub for 12 million tonnes of freight. 

Sharjah International Airport (IATA code: SHJ)

Sharjah International Airport is home to Air Arabia. It is located 13km southeast of Sharjah. Find out the facilities and services at the airport. 

Ras Al Khaimah International Airport (IATA code: RKT)

Air Arabia operates a few flights from Ras Al Khaimah International Airport; mainly to Bangladesh, Egypt, Nepal, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Sultanate of Oman. Find out the facilities and services at the airport. 

Fujairah International Airport (IATA code: FJR)

Fujairah International Airport is the UAE's only airport on the east coast. It became operational on 29 October 1987. See the terminal map and passenger services.

Cost of Air Ambulance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The common sectors flown by HI Flying are as follows (based on last 3 weeks transfers done)

  • Dubai to Kochi
  • Dubai to Delhi
  • Oman to Abu Dhabi
  • Dubai to Amman
  • Dubai to Beirut
  • Dubai to Manila
  • Riyadh to Dubai
  • Dubai to Atlanta
  • Dubai to New York
  • Abu Dhabi to London
  • London to RAK
  • Ajman to Kuwait
  • Ajman to Nigeria
  • Fujairah to Mumbai
  • Dubai to Lagos
  • Dubai to South Africa
  • Dubai to Nairobi
  • Abu Dhabi to Bangkok
  • Abu Dhabi to China
  • Abu Dhabi to Singapore

Most Medical Transport dedicated Air Ambulance Jets are Learjets which are dedicated Air Ambulance Aircrafts and they fly from Dubai to various destinations in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States.

Commercial flight stretchers are done mainly on Emirates along with other airlines which fly into UAE including Etihad, Saudia, Philippines, Air India, KLM, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines and others.

To schedule an Air Ambulance flight from UAE to any destinations in the world - whether on a Charter Air Ambulance flight or a Commercial flight Stretcher or Business class, please call our dedicated Toll free no if you are in Dubai - 

800 0320 823

or call our International telephone no on +1 646 480 6268 and we will help you get to your home at the most affordable cost.

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