Medical Escort in the United States of America transport patients on Commercial Airlines

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Medical Escort in the United States of America transport patients on Commercial Airlines

Medical escorts in the United States of America

"Live life in the moment!
 Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller

In this era of wanderlust and adventure, the American dream, for some have evolved into a more exciting experience. With a growing number of people, all over the world plunging into their dream vacations. Traveling far and wide across the nation for a change in lifestyle and scenery. 
That being said, when one is away from home and a health-related challenge or accident occurs, one might feel somewhat stranded so far away from home. In this hour of need and emergency, the requirement of professional assistance, providing care and aid, along with quick service to the patient is most important.
Most tourists caught in an emergency, are often looking for the quickest and safest way home. So, when it comes to repatriating patient’s, one from that place to another. Especially, in the case of international travel, there is a number of formalities involved. This involves the process of clearance of the patient’s medical condition, equipment clearance, medical paper clearance and other such formalities.

Airbus usually schedules Patient's travel in cases where the person is stable enough to travel by air and has got necessary clearance by the airlines.

Most of the patients are accompanied by someone, making it all the more important to keep the accompanying person too, stabilized and aware of the situation. Here comes in the pivotal role played by medical escorts. Professionally trained, equipped to handle the situation from ground to ground, these experts act as mediators between the patients and the hospitals. 

Medical escorts involve a dedicated team of doctors, nurses, paramedics, and respiratory therapists. The team should be well equipped with all the necessary medical kits, emergency medicines, oxygen cylinders. Also, the process should be smooth, cost-effective and with minimum hassles for the people involved in the process.

Medical Escort Service in the United States of America- 
The land area of the entire United States is approximately 3,800,000 square miles. It comprises of large plains and rocky mountains, with a vast no. of water bodies in between. The geography of the USA is diverse. Attracting tourists both local and international, at a considerable scale.

Because of its adventurous topography, tourist attracted to such extreme activities, often succumb to an illness or meet with tragic accidents at times. During such emergencies, it becomes necessary to repatriate the patients to their country of origin with uttermost care and safety. 
The Medical escort service does ground to ground tie-ups with these airlines. Their dedicated team, get the required clearance for the medical condition of the patient, the documentation process, ground clearance, equipment clearance and other such formalities.

The options available for the patients are-
•    Traveling in a commercial flight in a business class
•    Traveling in a commercial flight in an stretcher class
•    Chartered flights.
Since the patient maybe not in a state to explain and answer the questions or explain the medical condition on his own. It becomes essential to have a good team, having medical knowledge of the patients as well as hospital organization about the medical condition and at times in the local language.

Hi Flying provides quick and easy access to tackle these types of situations. With a simple login to the portal and provide the necessary information and a brief on the medical condition. The administrative team immediately gets in touch with the patient. The medical team conducts the pre-assessment of the patient to be repatriated. Also, the necessary documentation for flying the patient is initiated. Due to their tie-ups in with the major local and international airlines, the process is smooth and seamless. 

When choosing a Medical Escort Service, one has to consider the best service provider; someone who can cater the service with respect to time. Because here “every moment counts”. The service provider should assist the patient not only by airways but also by providing top class ground services 
HI Flying Air Ambulance has evacuated patients for almost over two decades from different parts of the world to their desired location.  Headquartered in the USA, the company caters its services to many countries worldwide.

The company has:

  • Air Ambulance
  • An excellent core team of Medical Escorts.
  • Commercial Airline Stretcher for patients
  • Chartered Services
  • Advanced Life Support Ambulance
  • Lifesaving Medical Equipment’s 
  • Hospital tie-ups with the best ones
  • Ground Ambulances
  • Emergency Medication kits 
  • Paediatric and Child Air ambulance transfer
  • Medical Flights
  • Aeromedical Travel

To book and schedule a Medical escort for your patient - call us or email us at admin@hiflyingllc.com

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