Air Ambulance Flight from Abu Dhabi to London in the United Kingdom

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Air Ambulance Flight from Abu Dhabi to London in the United Kingdom

Air Ambulance Flight from Abu Dhabi to London to the United Kingdom

Transporting a patient from Abu Dhabi UAE to London UK in a Commercial airline with a Medical escort.

Elizabeth, a jovial, intelligent secondary student, always well-read and kept up with time always. She is always full of life and enjoyed traveling. This time the international Science Olympiad competition was scheduled in Abu Dhabi and she was chosen to represent her school. Elizabeth was really excited about it. First of all, she was going to represent her school and secondly she was going to travel to a country she had never explored before. The tour was going to last for 2-3 weeks
She was a British citizen, so the visa is arranged upon arrival at the airport itself. For weeks, she was preparing for the competition and also reading about the places she can explore with her classmates and teacher's who accompanied her. They traveled via Etihad airlines.
The competition day arrived and she had done well for her school. The following day, the staff had planned to visit the famous tourist centers in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi is the second most populated Emirate of the seven Emirates. It is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi boasts upon its well-designed architecture, beautifully designed art and cultural libraries. Yas Land Theme Park, Ferrari Tour, Grand Mosque and Abu Dhabi Desert Safari were few locations shortlisted for touring in the coming days. 
Things were fine during travel but suddenly one day Elizabeth developed stomach pain and nausea in the hotel room. The hotel staff summoned the doctor. A doctor arrived and examined her. She was suffering from severe abdominal pain and discomfort. Upon initial examination, the doctor advised that she should be admitted to a nearby hospital for further examination. A blood test was conducted and as the doctor had predicted, she was infected with Hepatitis-A.

Hepatitis-A is a contagious viral infection which can cause inflammation in the liver resulting in  poor functioning of the liver and thereby develops severe symptoms like: 

  • Fatigue.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Abdominal pain or severe discomfort, which arises mostly in the upper right side below the lower ribs 
  • Severe joint pain.
  • Dark urine. 
  • Severe itching
  • Rash in the skin.
  • Also, there are symptoms like whitening of the eyes, yellowing of the skin.

Hepatitis-A is mostly caused due to consumption of contaminated food and water, unhygienic condition, if someone comes in close contact with a person infected by the disease. Travelers who are uninfected or not vaccinated by the viral infection may get infected. The disease is contagious but not chronic and can go away with proper medication and rest. Unlike other Hepatitis infections, Hepatitis A is not life-threatening and does not permanently damage the liver. Only a few cases are reported of severe casualty.

Risk of getting an infection of Hepatitis-A is higher in the following cases:

  • If someone eats food handled by a person with the virus who haven't thoroughly washed his or her hands after using the washroom.
  • If someone drinks contaminated water, the risk of getting an infection is very high.
  • Eating of raw shellfish or shellfish obtained from contaminated water.
  • Someone travels in areas of the world where hepatitis A infection is common, he/she may get infected.
  • Comes in close contact with a person infected with the disease
  • Someone has sexual contact with someone who has hepatitis A
  • If someone is HIV positive
  • If someone has a blood clotting disorder, such as hemophilia.

Remedies and personal care: 
One can take the following measures to reduce the risk of passing hepatitis A to the surrounding people by taking care of the following.
One should take extreme care of hygiene and cleanliness when one is infected with the disease.
The person should not cook food for others and avoid active contact with others.
One should refrain from having sexual relation when infected with the disease. 

There is no specific treatment for hepatitis A. The body will clear the hepatitis A virus on it's own based on the immunity. Mostly the healing process may take up to six months. 
Maintaining extreme hygiene is very important. Usage of public toilets should be avoided.
Getting proper rest and sleep is a fundamental criterion for faster healing.
Managing nausea: The person infected usually feels extreme nausea, which may lead to weakness and dehydration. It is essential that the person eats proper meals throughout the day which is enriched with nutrition and keeps the body hydrated. Drinking plenty of fluids, like water, juices, soups, etc are a must for these patients. Also to avoid blotting, the meals should be divided into proper time intervals.  
Consumption of alcohol should be strictly avoided as the body may develop complication to heal and the functioning of the liver may get retarded during the process.
Regular check-up and consultation with the consulting doctor is a must. The patient should undergo follow-up and regular scanning during the treatment period.

There is no specific medication or treatment for Hepatitis A. It requires self-healing, the right amount of rest, nutritious food, maintaining hygienic condition.
Elizabeth was detected positive for Hepatitis-A. Her family who was apart from her wanted to repatriate her to the UK at the earliest possible. The entire family traveling to Abu Dhabi was not the best feasible option. Instead, air transporting Elizabeth was a more viable option. Her family contacted the attending doctor who suggested that transportation of the patient using a private Air Ambulance is possible. The disease being contagious, flying on a commercial flight was not a good option. As the patient was weak and at times had vomiting issues,   her teacher decided to fly back with her. The doctor suggested that Hi-Flying Air ambulance is the best option to fly back to the UK as they have a niche in this industry and have licenses to operate in all the seven Emirates.

Why people prefer Hi-Flying Air Ambulance International : 
The most important feature of an Air Ambulance service provider should be that they should have all the necessary licenses of flying patients from a foreign land in place.
Exclusive tie-ups with the International Fliers.
They should provide facilities for ground service transportation besides air transporting the patient.
The facilities available in their Air ambulance should suit according to the need of the patient's.
Documentation process should be seamless so that the family members do not have to struggle during the journey.
They should have exclusive tie-ups with the hospitals.
They should have trained and qualified staff to handle the patients.
Should be compassionate towards the patients.
A family member should be allowed to fly with the patient if possible.
The instruments and machine's used by the Air ambulances should be hi-class and upgraded. 
Training and up-gradation of the staff at regular time interval are required so that they can handle patients with different ailments.

Hi-Flying services qualify w.r.t all the features mentioned above and have an experience of patient expatriation globally for around two decades. They are available 24x7 with their best services.
The team of Hi-Flying air ambulance is very proactive and understands the need of the patient very well. The documentation is initiated immediately, once they get confirmation from the family member. The immigration needs are taken care of by them entirely.
As they have a long history of flying patients, the team can manage the documentation related to insurance and mediclaim very effectively.
The team of medical escorts chosen for transporting the patient is well qualified, and they can effectively communicate with the ailing patient. 

Elizabeth was transported to the United Kingdom under extensive care by the Hi-Flying team. A ground ambulance was arranged to transport her from the airport to her home. She is safe and recuperating well as posted by her family members recently.

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