A Guide to Air Ambulance Cost in Asia

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A Guide to Air Ambulance Cost in Asia


A Guide to Air Ambulance Cost in Asia

Air Ambulance cost can have wide variations.
The cost of an air ambulance will depend on your individual case

with prices depending on the following factors:  

  • The patient's location and the distance they need to travel
  • The type of aircraft required
  • The number of medical staff required
  • The airport landing fees
  • The journey required by ground ambulance
  • Other variable factors

The range of cost is decided by the patient clinical status which can a stable patient sitting on a wheelchair or a critical patient on ventilator and inotrope supports.

The patient can travel on a Business class seat with accompanying medical escort with basic monitoring which can be an economical mode of travel, or the patient may need a Commercial flight stretcher travel with Basic life supports and one Doctor Medical escort and one Nurse escort.

A critical patient will need a dedicated Air Ambulance charter flight with all advanced life support equipment more like an ICU on a wing.

The cost range of transport for a Business class travel can range from 5000 USD to 12000 USD and will depend on the distance of travel.
The cost range of transport of a Commercial flight stretcher can range from 18000 USD to 25000 USD.

Charter Medical Air Ambulance flights can cost 30000 USD - 150000 USD.
It will also depend if the aircraft is a turbo-propeller aircraft for short domestic sector or a long-range Jet aircraft.

The high cost of Dedicated Air Ambulance flight is because of the Aircraft Aviation cost with the added value of fuel, medical team, medical equipment as well as the airport landing costs.

The larger jets will cost more than the smaller aircraft.
However, the larger jets would fly with lesser fuel stops compared to a smaller aircraft.

For example, an Air Ambulance flight from Singapore to the United States will fly with six fuel stops with a small jet, but the same distance can be done in 3 fuel stops with a larger aircraft.

International charter flights require aviation permissions from countries where they overfly. 

Visa ready, qualified medical escorts are needed with specialized aviation training to accompany critical patients.

We strive to reduce the cost for our clients.

One way to do it is to fly Empty leg flights. Empty leg flights are flights where one patient is transferred from one location to another location and the aircraft instead of flying back empty is utilized to bring back another patient. The discounts are passed on to both patients who benefit for the empty leg utilization of the flight.

We do many transfers every month and empty leg opportunities are many to be utilized.

So get in touch with us for an economical quote for your patient transfer on domestic and international sector.

We can help you in a safe patient transfer.

Please email us at admin@hiflyingllc.com.

Affordable Air Ambulance Service. Ultimate Care & Assistance.  Experienced & Highly Trained Medical Staff. Specially equipped air ambulances.

25+ Years Of Experience. Trained Support Staff. Services All over India. Best in Industry. Life Support Equipment Available 24/7/365.

Common sectors we fly -

  • Singapore to Manila Philippines
  • Singapore to Delhi India
  • Singapore to Chennai India
  • Singapore to Indonesia
  • Singapore to Malaysia
  • Singapore to Brisbane Australia
  • Singapore to Melbourne Australia
  • Singapore to Sydney Australia

Other sectors and locations for medevac includes

  • Kathmandu Nepal to New Delhi India
  • Kathmandu Nepal to Bangkok Thailand
  • Kathmandu Nepal to Dubai UAE
  • Mumbai to Dubai
  • Dubai to Kochi
  • Dubai to Delhi
  • Riyadh to Kochi
  • Dammam to Kochi
  • Jeddah to Kochi
  • Riyadh to the United States
  • Riyadh to the United Kingdom
  • Riyadh to Dubai
  • Oman to Dubai
  • Kenya to Dubai
  • Kenya to the UK
  • Kenya to the USA

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