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Affordable Air Ambulance Cost- HI Flying


Air Ambulance Cost

Affordable Air Ambulance cost by HI Flying - Air Ambulance International

 HI Flying - Air Ambulance International provides unparalleled specialized medical care and bedside-to-bedside transportation across the world. We are a preferred medical air transport operator of many individual clients, hospitals, corporates and Insurance & Assistance company around the world. We have a highly experienced medical crew, fully customized and permanently configured air medical transport jets to take off at short notice with all the aviation permissions. 

We are an Air medical transport services 24/7/365 - delivering an uncompromised level of care because we believe that every mission is a challenge to save a life.

Your Air Ambulance cost could be self-pay or covered by your travel insurance or health insurance company depending on the policy you hold and it is important to have a clear understanding of the policy terms to prevent last moment surprises.

If a patient receives a letter of medical necessity or if an attending physician at an emergency deems it necessary, but you should never assume that and check with the coverage provider for full air ambulance cost support.

The total cost of a Medevac will depend on the following factors -

  • Patient clinical status
  • Distance of travel
  • Commercial flight v/s Charter flight
  • Medical team configuration
  • Medical equipment needs
  • Aviation cost depending on aircraft type and size
  • Aviation fuel costs
  • Overfly permission costs
  • Added Ground Ambulance costs

Air medical transport services are lifesaving in emergency medical situations or when the timing is of the essence in helping a patient to receive urgent medical treatment. Under such circumstances, a patient cannot refuse or negotiate the cost pertaining to medical air transport. Most insurers will pay a reasonable air ambulance cost especially if the individual requires emergency transportation not possible on the ground. Many insurers will only cover the medical transportation services to the nearest facility and do not provide air ambulance cost coverage outside of their parent country. It is often they might not agree on the cost determined by the medical air transport company and that’s when the remainder bill, depending on the circumstances, will be needed to be footed by the patient family.

A USA Study in Montana - A study conducted by the Montana Legislature shows that Medevac cost is generally divided into two main headings.
A liftoff fees and per-mile charges. 

The Liftoff fees range between $8,500 to $15,200 and the per mile charges can range from $26 to $133 per mile.

HI Flying - Air Ambulance International offers customized membership programs to protect their customers from huge bills associated with Medevac services.

To schedule an Affordable Medevac - Call on +91 9821150889 or email us at admin@hiflyingllc.com


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