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Air Ambulance International provides patient transportation on Commercial and Charter flights worldwide.

In service since 1991

Air Ambulance Flight Cost

HI FLYING AIR AMBULANCE INTERNATIONAL is in the field of Medical Transportation and Air Ambulance since 1991.

It is a company incorporated in the United States of America with it operation center in India and UAE. With its hubs located in Asia - Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Nepal and Middle East - Dubai, Kenya in Africa and Sydney in Australia - it does patient transportation on Commercial and Charter flights for Individuals, Corporates, Hospitals, Insurance and Assist companies worldwide.

HI FLYING - Air Ambulance International is a comprehensive Medical Transport Service in India
The services include Aeromedical services and evacuations, Medical concierge services, Medical case management, International patient management, Hospital inpatient referrals, Medical repatriations, Medical escorts on Commercial flights, Escorting of minor services, Road and Rail Ambulance services and Repatriation of Human remains to Domestic and International destinations.

The clients range from Individuals, Hospitals, Corporates, Insurance and Assistance companies in India Asia Middle East and in International destinations.

It manages a 24/7/365 Day call center to receive a request for Planned and Emergency Patient Transportation. 

It receives round the clock requests for Ground Transportation, Helicopter transports and Long range Fixed-wing aircraft Transportation.

The Air Ambulance wing provides prompt and professional services in the field of Aeromedical evacuation and cost containment thereby meeting the needs of all clients.

All operations are supervised by the Medical Director who ensures stringent requirements of Aeromedical transportation and influence operational excellence. He ensures the highest standard of care and safety in all forms of Patient transportation be it a simple Road transportation of a patient or a complex Long distance Air Ambulance evacuation. He is a role model to identify best practice procedures and instills these values in each and every employee of the service from the Medical coordinator to nurse, paramedic or doctor who is part of a team of HI Flying.

Since the date of inception, HI Flying is geared to providing high standards of services that focus on quality patient care and safe medical flight transports.

Being a pioneer in the field of Air Ambulance service comes a responsibility to keep the standards high so that subsequent followers ensure good services to the citizens of India as well to the expat population flying into the country.

Keeping the Air Ambulance costs affordable is the priority of the administrative department.
Pre-travel evaluation of patients is meticulously done so as to plan the right mode of transportation for the patient. If the patient is stable - we can offer Commercial flight transport on a stretcher arrangement and for critical patients, ICU on wing - full-fledged Air Ambulance charter flight is the solution of choice. The priority is to keep the cost of an air ambulance flight affordable to the common man.

Adjudged as the Best Medical Ambulance company since the year 2000 and having the experienced backup makes HI Flying - the Air Ambulance company of choice for many organizations.

Patient we Transport
Trauma Cases
    •    Long-bone fractures in different extremities.
    •    Injury to more than two body regions.
    •    Ejection from a vehicle.
    •    Pedestrian or cyclist struck by motor vehicle.
    •    Penetrating trauma to the abdomen, pelvis, chest, neck, or head.
    •    Crush injury to the abdomen, chest, or head.
    •    Fall from a significant height.
Neurologic considerations
    •    Glasgow Coma Scale less than 10
    •    The mental status of the person is seen to be deteriorating
    •    Skull fracture is suspected
    •    Neurologic presentation suggestive of spinal cord injury

Chest symptoms
    •    Major chest trauma- flail chest
    •    Pneumothorax or Hemothorax
    •    Cardiac injury

Abdominal and Pelvic injuries
    •    Severe abdominal pain after blunt trauma
    •    Presence of seatbelt sign or abdominal wall contusion
    •    Rib fracture
    •    Pelvic fracture

Orthopedic injury
    •    Fracture or dislocation with vascular injury
    •    Extremity ischemia
    •    Open long bone fractures
    •    Two or more long bone fractures

    •    Major burns covering over 20% body surface area
    •    Burns covering face, head, hands, feet and genitals
    •    Electrical burns
    •    Chemical burns
    •    Inhalational injury
    •    Burns associated with injury

Drowning injuries
Occasional Snake bites

Non trauma injuries involving Cardiac episodes – Unstable angina, Acute myocardial infarction, Pulmonary problems- Pneumonia and Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Severe anemia, acute on chronic renal failure, acute pancreatitis and other medical conditions.

HI Flying commitment to excellence reflects in the parent company - Vibha Lifesavers which was the first Intensive care Ground transportation unit started in Mumbai in 1991.

The First Fixed wing Transportation of a patient from Surat to Mumbai was done in 1991 on a Pilatus PC 12 with full fledged stretcher, oxygen all lifesaving medical equipment with the Doctor and nurse team transporting a critical patient on ventilator and inotropic support.

The First Rotor Wing flight was done in 1993 - a Helicopter Medical Flight of a critical patient from Gujarat to Mumbai.

The First International Air Ambulance flight from Dubai to Mumbai was in 1996 on a Hawker Jet aircraft that transported a stroke patient back home to join the Family.

The Company to be associated with leading Insurance and Assistance company to provide cashless services for their patients from the point of first symptoms to the hospitalization of the patient and Medical repatriation of the patient back to their home country once the treatment was completed.

HI Flying prides itself as providing services to all the leading Insurance and Assist companies and the leading Hospitals in all major cities in India - includes Mumbai Delhi Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Raipur, Bhubaneshwar, Jaipur and many others major and smaller cities and towns in India.

Hi Flying has completed more than 3000 medical evacuations till date which includes patient transportation on Commercial and Charter flights worldwide.

Head quarter in Mumbai India - the office is located at the Family hospital Mumbai which is also owned by the same company and acts as a hub in Mumbai where patients from periphery are transported for stabilization before transported to their home country.

Besides a Team of highly experienced and qualified doctors, trained nurses - they carry with them a full Advanced life-support medical equipments including Cardiac monitors, pulse oximeters, ventilators, infusion pumps, syringe pumps, oxygen concentrators, blood glucose monitors, suction machines and other accessories for safe transportation.

Advanced Medical equipments like IABP or ECMO are also available on request.

The aircrafts range from basic to the most advanced.

Turbo propeller Jets includes Kingair C 90, Kingair B 200, Pilatus PC 12

Jet aircrafts includes Hawker 800, Citation jet, Learjet 35, Learjet 45, Learjet 60 and Gulfstream 150.
All aircrafts are fully insured and approved by DGCA.

Our USP 

The Most Efficient and Professional Air Ambulance at the most Economical Cost.




Developing our Service quality is the key to attracting customers to our business. The more a customer uses our services, the more likely they will like to utilize it for future clients. 

Building this loyal customer follow-up has ensured continued success and help drive sales of our services.

Our "Match or Beat the Price" Programme has met with astounding success whereby we guarantee the lowest possible cost for a Commercial flight transfer for our regular clients which includes Individuals, Corporates, Hospitals and Insurance companies.

The Pareto law affirms that about 80% of your business's future revenue will come from 20% of your current customer base, so it's important to focus on creating loyal and regular customers who continue to patronize your company.

We follow simple basic rules to continue providing consistent timely services for our clients.

These are some of the drivers of customer loyalty.

A Dignified Advantage
Scientific studies show that people are very loyal to brands that take advantage of the dignified edge effect. It is when an independent source shares the socially responsible or charitable work of our company. Be authentic, give it back and let the others tell your story. This is particularly effective for clients with strong moral aspirations.

Be Regular And Authentic  
The importance of being consistent and trustworthy cannot be underestimated. Customers rely on our company to offer the same consistent prompt services over time. And if problems arise, they know that it will be handled immediately and with an individual consideration.

Provide Quality and Timely Services.
There are no surprises here. Timely delivery of our service is another huge feature of customer retention. Clients opt for our services since they know we can meet specific needs so that Our company that offers the best and the most affordable solution usually gains its loyalty.

While companies recognize why quality matters, they often cannot innovate fast enough to keep up with customer expectations. The launch of our economical Train Ambulance service in India and China was another big success.

Without a large development budget and a time machine, there is no way to give everyone what they want before they know what they want. As an alternative to fulfilling every desire, we as a Medevac company can leverage customer feedback when developing service updates and options of transportation.

As we always offer high-quality services and follow trends, our customers stay with us because they understand they can trust us.
When customers realize that companies are concerned about their preferences and needs, they feel appreciated, every single time they use our services. Our customers are part of our company's future.

Focus on Top Notch Operations.
We fully understand that our customers have many options on where to find Air Ambulance services and are waiting for an error. We make sure that we have excellent systems; from inquiry, planning, implementation to final delivery of the patient to the final destination in a safe manner. 

Personalize the Client’s experience yet follow Strict Privacy and Confidentiality Policy
Customers are engulfed with promotional messages and options of companies who do similar Medevac services. They do not have the time or the patience to go into details of each company when there is an acute medical emergency. 
As part of the Medevac services, patient kin and hospitals are more likely to share personal information, especially when it is important to plan the travel based on clinical information.
We as a Medevac company take privacy and confidentiality of the patient very seriously. 
All information sent to us is encrypted and all data safely stored. We follow standard HIPPA Privacy policies in regards to Patient information.
No patient information or photographs are shared on net or social media.

Pay Attention To Our Patient.
We have a Patient First Policy.  Clients will feel more associated with us if they open a two-way dialogue.
We prefer phones to emails, video talk instead of audio.

Customize Our Services
Customizing Our services increases our reputation among our clients. 
We understand your needs.
You need a Bed to Bed services - we can offer the same.
You need an Air Ambulance Charter flight - that can be made available at short notice.
You need just ticketing and medical clearance - our in-house travel team can take care of the same.

When possible, we have our affiliate partners who share the same goals as our company and we associate with them to provide seamless smooth transport services all around the world.  
With all the new affiliation in the year 2017 and 2018  - it has added value to our services. Business has grown exponentially and it has added benefit to our current customers.

Appeal and Prioritize Customer feedback.
It's hard to know if you're reaching the limit with your customers if you never request for it. Customer feedback provide direct information that has helped improve us. 
Network Promoter Score and Customer Satisfaction Surveys and help diagnose customer wellbeing more efficiently. A Customer Satisfaction Survey has helped us to gather timely feedback on specific customer experiences, and this information has helped in improving customer loyalty and overall satisfaction of our client.

Customer surveys also help solve specific problems that are generally not detected. Negative customer feedback can be invaluable as it provides the information needed to make changes, save customers and reduce friction rates. Furthermore, customer surveys can help with reputation management. Instead of listening to negative comments in a public comment, we prefer to receive it directly.
On the other hand, positive research responses help identify satisfied customers who are willing to provide references. We work to promote these long-term relationships and ideally create a lot more.
Customer feedback can also help in speeding up the resolution of problems affecting the integrity of the customer. They are positive impetus to improve our services.

Bottom Line
An essential part of our Client Feedback depends on ensuring that customers want to return to your business. Loyal customers are more willing to stay and more willing to become active supporters of our services by promoting it to friends relatives other hospitals, corporates and Insurance and Assistance companies and on their social channels. 

We love to talk and create a sense of familiarity with our clients.

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