I wish to thank all the doctors who appreciated our services and for their feedback and support which has gone a long way to our success!
Dr Nitin Yende MD

When the ambulance team comes back having accomplished a successful transport, the look of the faces tells me the story of a mission accomplished - a life saved. The faces beaming with happiness when a critical patient had reached the destination; from an ill equipped center to a tertiary care center for a lifesaving procedure.

The best part of this service is the positive feedback we receive from the patient himself when he walks in to the center just to say thanks to our service- that is the time when we feel all our hard efforts is worthwhile in spite of all the odds and hardships.

I had always emphasized on 3 basic principles; care of our patients, respect to all doctors and strive for excellence.

Our mission is to provide and assure the highest level of emergency medical services in an effective caring and professional manner; to demonstrate empathy and compassion to one and all, to treat all with understanding, dignity and respect; to work as a team to give our best to the patient.

We promote individual, family and community well-being and we take pride in our achievements and accomplishments and look forward to the many challenges of the future.

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