This services are for the critically ill who do not qualify for the above services. We have our own set of Transport airplanes which are safe and ideal for transportation of critical patients to any destination in India and abroad.

The equipments includes all lifesaving apparatus including cardiac monitor, pulseoximeter, multi parameter monitors, pacemakers, ventilators, nebulisers, defibmonitors, suction machines which are suitable for air transport.

The doctors are qualified and experienced to carry out air evacuation operation and selected carefully depending on the requirement of the patients. The doctors are intensive care and emergency physicians, anesthesiologists, pediatricians, cardiologists, neurologists, registered nurses who have minimum 5 years experience in the field of emergency medicine. They are capable of carrying out all lifesaving emergency medical procedures and international in flight repatriation.

The doctors have the working experience in most of the hospitals in India , UK and USA and well tuned to the working of the hospital procedures and management of patients in their medical system.

Most of the doctors have their visa status eligible to transport patients in most of countries of the world including Asian, European, American, Australian countries.

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